Friday, May 29, 2009

not to brag or anything...

i really think that if my kids weren't mine and i were to run into them on the street... i really think i'd still think they are the cutest little things. EVER.
like even if i had other kids of my own... it would be sad, but my real kids would still be cuter than any other kids i have that don't even exist.
anthony took the kids to the symphony last night. yes, that's just the kind of cultured people we are...
...the kind that take free tickets when we can get them to experience the finer things in life.
so they got all dressed up, and went to dinner, and then went to the symphony. they really enjoyed it and they did really well and got complimented by everyone they saw (of course).

oh, and what did i do? ahhh... it was almost heavenly. mason went to sleep around 7:30. i finished my labor of love (which happens to be the 2008 chronicles of our family ... made into a book on blurb. it is a very cool website that makes fantastic books. you can even turn your blog into a book here.) made brownies, and watched pride and prejudice. i really don't think i will ever tire of that movie. ever.


Rachael Schepemaker said...

Anthony is such a good daddy! And the kids look adorable...of course. So glad you got some alone time. Kind of forgot what that was like huh?

Tonya said...

What a little heartbreaker in that jacket!!!

Lisa said...

that is so cute that they went to the symphony! what great memories that creates! and how good are you to be so up to date and finished with your 2008 memory book! i'm SOOOO behind on those books its not even funny- more like depressing! i've got to get motivated in that department! and you're so right- your kids are seriously some of the cutest kids ive ever seen. not even kidding! and that one of your little guy walking with his jacket over his shoulder on his finger! that's just too cute. i hope you have a great week!

debby94 said...

Hey Stephanie! Your kids are the cutest! Got your e-mail about Luke's cake. No, I didn't make it. I wish I could say I did. Luke's birthday theme was Super Mario Bros, but the bakery didn't have a Super Mario cake, so I opted for Nemo & Dory & then just replaced them with Mario & the mushrooms.

Mama Kat said...

I say that all the if I were just a random daycare provider and my kids were not mine...would I STILL think they were the cutest kids in the daycare.


Why yes I would.

And not because I can't remove myself enough to make an objective judgement.

It's because they are.