Tuesday, June 2, 2009

mom, i'm bored... and its hot

what to do with these kids of mine...

the best ideas can always be stolen from someone smarter... and more creative.

like the phoenix children's museum.

my kids happen to LOVE the ice cream station (and for some reason don't understand why i shriek in horror every time they actually lick those rubber ice cream balls that probably contain every little contaminant from the rota virus to the swine flu.) so one day at the museum, i gave them a once over and thought, i could copy this well enough at home.

so... we started with styrofoam balls. i got a bag of like 12 or something. the kids painted them an assortment of different creative colors (flavors).

i made the cones. just used some sheets of foam from the craft store and a little glue (super glue worked best, not pictured here):

a few ice cream scoopers and the fun never ends.

and i keep these put away in the cabinet and they are brought out at special (desperate) times, so the novelty never really wears off.

i also once posted about a pirate ship we made. kept the kids busy for hours...

then much to my husbands delight, i never could seem to throw it away and it has been conveniently taking up space in random locations throughout our home.

because... you can always turn it into something else when they tire of the whole pirate thing. some days its a school bus. some days its an airplane.

and some days... well, my kids get real creative and turn it into a coffin.

it works extra well when your particular "dead" child is somewhat bossy and your particular "pall-bearer" child is somewhat easy going and doesn't mind pushing the "coffin" wherever commanded...

and for some extra spice, this can be done in one's choneys... even more fun if worn backward :)


The Animator's Wife said...

HAHA fun ideas. Love the ice cream cones! thanks!

UKZoe said...

Great ideas and good to see that kids still like cardboard boxes (my boys are 14 and 17 now and kind of grew out of that one).

Rachael Schepemaker said...

You totally crack me up with the side notes. Can't wait to see you tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Jennifer said...

Great idea with the ice cream cones, I'll be sure to do that one this summer. Loved the coffin! Too funny!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I don't usually post messages when thumbin through my "Works for me Wednesdays" but.... that last part had me Lol, I love it! Thanks :). And to add- my hubby always gives my three a wonderful large box to play with and it makes its rounds about the house also, we have never had a coffin, Lol

Lisa said...

this is awesome! i love reading your blog. you crack me up! great seeing you at vbs last week. i wish we could've been friends years ago- you're so great! :) have a wonderful week,