Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mother's day... break a leg

my mom tells of when she was a child, her mom made being sick so much fun. there was the special "sick blanket" which was satin and gold and green and super cozy, food served on a tray, laying on the couch... my mom talks with such fondness of getting sick. there was even a time when grandma told her, "you better start walking straight. or you'll get pigeon-toed and you'll need surgery. they'll break your legs and you'll have to lay in bed for weeks." my mom thought that sounded splendid and even started walking bad on purpose. how much fun would that be? weeks and weeks of laying on the couch being doted on by her mother. grandma has that knack for always making each one of us feel special.

i have learned a lot from my mom, and my grandma. one of those things: be the kind of mom that makes my kids want to break their legs.

happy mother's day, mom. and grandma darlene. and all you other fun mothers out there...

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