Thursday, May 21, 2009

weekly random tidbits: long live sleeping beauty

  1. sleeping beauty still lives. from time to time, bennett will excitedly point at the fish bowl and exclaim, "sleeping beauty DID NOT DIE!"
  2. i know i recently said mason is sleeping so much better. i take it back. and hopefully soon, i'll be taking back my take-back. stay tuned.
  3. bennett has been wearing his choneys the last couple of days. diapers only at bedtime. do you care, i ask myself. probably not.
  4. ella memorized all of psalm 100. fantastic little memories those kids have. her brain is a little sponge. i love it. and i'm jealous. her reward: an ice cream cone at "old mcdonalds." some may call that bribery. call it what you want, i say. i will use whatever means necessary to make my kids excited about memorizing the bible.
  5. and i sometimes think i could take a bite out of my son. isn't he scrumptious?


debby94 said...

He is totally adorable & good job to Ella!

angie said...

I always wondered how you spell choneys

Lisa said...

he is absolutely adorable! and how awesome that ella memorized psalm 100! that's inspiring and encouraging to me- I think i'll get started helping teda memorize scripture too. hope all is well for you!

Charlotte said...


Your posts always manage to make me both laugh and cry. I love love love the way you bring humor to the ordinary ... because life really is THAT precious. And I love that you "get" that. Thanks friend. It's an honor to share in the moments of you and your precious family. Hope this finds you all well (even though sleep-deprived ;).