Monday, May 18, 2009

man shall not live on caffeine alone

the sleep deprived mind is a dangerous thing. i'm quite certain the altered mental state of not sleeping should really be on the list of "un-fit" mothering and is far more serious than intoxication or minor recreational drug-use. (not that i would actually know this personally. its just a safe guess.) if my kids could be removed from my care if i were in a constant state of drunkenness, then you should certainly come get them now. because i'm sure this is worse.

ok, so i'm a tad dramatic and please don't report me to CPS. my kids will be fine. nothing a little elmo/excessive snacks/ the house a mess/more snacks/watch a movie/sure you can jump on your bed/computer games/forced nap time... won't fix.

its just that its only 7:30 so how do i make it to nap time?

and how much coffee is too much?

actually, i don't really even like coffee. but i LOVE my morning latte. the espresso machine is by far my favorite appliance (not counting our washing machine/dryer because i don't have to haul our clothes down to the crick, the crockpot that makes dinner for me, the microwave which heats up bottles/lunch/everything i need, the fridge... ok. so i can't pick just one. but i can't live without my coffee.) and the reason i love my latte has more to do with vanilla carmel creamer. and because i sense it isn't appropriate to solely drink creamer, i put some coffee in too. so i don't know if its caffeine or a sugar high that wakes me up. but i don't really care. i just need my eyes open and my mind thinking somewhat clearly. somewhat.

unlike the day a couple weeks ago when i backed into my stroller with the minivan.

or when i found the gigantic container of costco formula in the microwave. (yes, i put it there. but not on purpose. i don't know why. this is my point.)

and i've made a few observations this morning. first, i think you can guess the kind of night its been by how many mostly empty bottles are scattered about on the floor around mason's rocking chair. and second, the loyalties of a 4 year-old are a bit fickle. when ella calls for daddy this morning, and then is clearly disappointed to see my face instead and then when she brushes past me with disdain as i lean down to give her a little morning snuggle hug, i recognized how childish it would be to point out that it was indeed me and not daddy who was up with her at 3 am while she was scared. and it was me, not daddy, who laid down with her until she fell asleep.

oh well... enough about that. time for another latte...


Mama Kat said...

Sometimes I feel like we're the same person...only minus the latte and plus a Jack and Coke.

When lack of sleep is going on around here there are big problems. And I usually blame them all on Pat even though I know I'm just being moody and tired. I'll find a way to blame him. Poor fella.

Rachael Schepemaker said...

I hear you! I couldn't live without my daily Pepsi. Isn't funny how the kids want us at the moment when we have a million things to do, but when we have a free moment, they don't want us. Crazy huh! See you soon.

debby94 said...

Hey. what kind of espresso machine do you have? I LOVE lattes. There is a good little coffee shop not far from my house, but to go, I have to look half-way decent & load all the kids up. What a pain...but still worth it.

Tonya said...

I believe God invented coffee for Moms