Monday, July 28, 2008

questions of a 3 year-old

why does all the people have belly buttons?
how many squares of toilet paper do i use?
am i bigger than curious george?
what does the sun taste like?
how does the baby in your belly take a bath?
why is daddy taking a break from his sunglasses?

i love ella's questions. so innocent and also a little window into the workings of her mind. she seems to come up with something every day that makes me giggle or gets me thinking about just how amazing it is to be a mom and watch my little girl begin to understand the world. it got me thinking about one conversation we had that was especially memorable:

ella: "does God have to yell to stop the wind?"

me: "he doesn't have to, but he can. or he can whisper. or he doesn't even have to say anything. he can just make it happen."

ella: "does he have to go outside to stop the wind?"

me: "ummm...."

ella: "when he goes outside, does Jesus stay inside with maddie?" (maddie is our dog who died earlier this year. maddie is in heaven. not sure about the theological correctness of this, but hopefully we can work that out in a few years.)

me: "well... i guess he might." (i'm still trying to figure out how to guide this conversation.)

ella: "why doesn't Jesus have to feed maddie?" (because maddie's dog food dish was here long after she was, ella has always been concerned about maddie eating in heaven.)

me: "well, we don't need to eat food in heaven. its a perfect place. but although we don't need food, there still may be a feast of amazing treats just for fun. i'm not real sure on all the details i just know its going to be really, really great. but i've never been to heaven so i don't really know."

ella: "oh, i've been there."

me: "really?" never had this conversation before.

ella (looking out the window like no big deal): "yeah, when i got made." long pause. "but mommy, i don't really remember it because it was a long, long time ago."

Monday, July 21, 2008

precious sleep

there are a few things i simply cannot make it through the day without... God, a smile from my husband, a latte, and nap time.

i love that ella is on this kick now where she sleeps with her backpack on. (she tells me its something to do with curious george...) and i love that bennett often sleeps with his hands behind his head, just chillin'. but most of all, i just love that they sleep.

i do love my children. very much. but there is something about the break in the day that makes me appreciate them even more. this may sound bad to some of you, but i know you fellow mothers of little ones know exactly what i mean.

"The joys of motherhood are never fully experienced until the children are in bed." - unknown

what shall we do today?

good news... joshua's surgery went well. thanks for your prayers.

here at our house we were discussing what we would do the rest of the day. i mentioned that daddy has a softball game we could go to, although it is at 6 pm and will still be absurdly hot at that time of day. bennett would be happy to never have to be at home and instantly repeated over and over "dada's game" "dada's game" "dada's game."

as i listened to him and saw his excitement i began to question the wisdom of announcing this option to them. last week daddy had a game at 6 that we went to and i was thrilled when ella urgently had to pee, which found us in a freezing cold, overly air conditioned bathroom. i think we maybe spent 3 innings there. its hot, i'm huge and i'm not quite sure i have it in me to try again this week.

ella can read minds. as bennett is still repeating "dada's game," she eagerly offers, "mommy, don't worry. if it gets too hot i'll just blow in your face."

well, that should help. looks like we are going to the game tonight.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


please pray for my precious little nephew. he heads to the big scary hospital early monday morning for surgery to close his cleft palate (on the interior of his mouth). he then has to be in full arm restraints for 10 days, morning and night, and can't have any solid food, sippy cups, or eating utensils in his mouth. so come to think of it, you can pray for my sister and her husband too. sounds like a long 10 days for the poor kid. please pray it goes fast for all of them.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


went for an ultrasound yesterday morning, just to check on a few things and everything looked great. and seeing our newest little baby is so exciting. "only" 10 weeks to go!

instead of chasing the kids around the office, anthony opted to stay home and watch them. when i told ella where i was going, she said, "oh, the place with the school bus toy." yes, that's the one. "ohhh," she said, sounding disappointed. "they have an elevator. and can i ride it again sometime before i die?" i'm sure we can work that out.

so as i pulled into the driveway, i envisioned what it might be like inside as the kids hear the sound of the garage door opening. because every time this plays out, i am usually the one on the inside watching the kids faces light up with excitement when the realization hits that, YES, daddy is home! its like he is bringing the entire disney parade with him based on the sheer excitement erupting from within. i have to hold them back from the door to keep them from getting run over in the anticipation to greet daddy as soon as he opens the car door.

imagine my disappointment when the door didn't open from the house and my 2 kids didn't come tumbling out in a frenzy to greet me. hmmm... is it possible that maybe daddy is just far more exciting than i am? as i opened the door (all by myself) i was faced with the cold, hard truth. daddy is definitely way more fun. this is what greeted my eyes.

so what does one do with a tent up the middle of the family room? endless opportunities await. make the most of it. crank the music up, dance, play with toys, read stories, picnic lunch, attempt nap time...

Monday, July 7, 2008

"lazarus, come out!"

pink bathrobe for jesus... check
toilet paper for lazarus' grave clothes... check
play tent for tomb... check

our bible lesson for the day...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

happy birthday to my hot husband

today is a special day to honor anthony. while i feel that many of the reasons i love my husband are obvious, such as his love for the Lord, his love for me and our kids, the way he sacrifices for us and serves us... i was thinking this morning of some other reasons i love him that maybe i don't tell him often enough. so here goes... (this list is not all inclusive)
  1. he killed the scorpion in the kitchen last week (and all other bugs that terrify me)
  2. he gets up in the morning with the kids even when i say, "no, honey, i've got them," from under the covers
  3. he really is a deep sleeper and not faking it all the other early mornings and in the middle of the night
  4. he doesn't mind cleaning up after the kids when they have the stomach flu (maybe this should be number one)
  5. he turns off the tv anytime i start talking to him. well, except when it is the end of a really good game and then he mutes it. but he always turns and looks directly at me
  6. he doesn't even glance at my rear end when telling me that i am "all baby" with my weight gain this pregnancy
  7. he cleans the bathrooms... and the rest of the house
  8. he watches the office with me, even though steve carell humor isn't exactly his
  9. to copy from ella's father's day list: he goes to the grocery store. oh, and of course the changing of bennett's diaper as well
  10. he never rolls his eyes, groans, or even appears to ignore me when i fill him in on my latest really good book and all the characters and plot lines that i know he really couldn't care less about. last night he even asked me about a book i read a couple of weeks ago that i had told him ALL about. and he didn't laugh too hard when i told him i still really missed those people.
  11. he plays games with me... cards, rummikub, etc... even though it must get really old to lose all the time :)
  12. when we go somewhere as a family, he always drives us. this may sound silly, but i tend to think it a bit odd when i see women driving their families around with the husband sitting in the passenger seat. obviously there are exceptions like broken legs, blindness, and raging drunkenness. but i do appreciate that anthony always drives. i think it is very gentlemanly.
  13. he has this ability, when he is being really, really annoying, of still making me laugh. come to think of it, i kinda hate that...
  14. when i have spent time with friends or family, he always asks me all about them. and remembers past details about them. he really cares about what (and who) is important to me.
  15. he does all the yard work, car maintenance, finances, takes out the trash, feeds jake, etc... i never even have to think about it.
  16. when we have steak for dinner, he always gives me the best cut
  17. he gives the kids baths. really, it is very difficult to bend over and bathe the squirmy children while in my 3rd trimester.
  18. he is a fantastic father (even though i'm pretty sure i'll have an ulcer someday from all the daredevil tricks, flips and stunts he does with the kids)
  19. he really and truly is my best friend