Tuesday, May 5, 2009

where is that mop...

mason is crawling. all i have to say is: watch out. seriously, watch out. i have a feeling there is no stopping this one.

it is very 3rd child syndrome by the way. with ella, i'm pretty sure i have hours upon hours of video tape just waiting for her to make her first crawling move. poor mason. i just looked down one day and thought... hmmm, where did he go? oh wow, he must be crawling. (ok, it wasn't quite that severe. but pretty close.)

also, this means its time to mop. uhh... i mean, yeah, umm... of course i already mop. twice a week. maybe more. and anytime something spills. yeah, my house is totally spotless.

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debby94 said...

Okay, so I finally mopped my floors yesterday because Seth is crawling around (more like army crawling). It is yucky to see how dirty his clothes & knees are. I need to be better about the whole mopping thing.