Monday, May 11, 2009


our new goldfish. spider-man and sleeping beauty:
fun daddy's idea this weekend and the kids are THRILLED.

i give 'em about 4 days to live.

why? because fun daddy is going out of town this week. and that bowl ain't gonna clean itself.

before you report me to PETA, please know i have every intention of cleaning it. not because i want to, mind you. but because i don't want to explain to one my kids why their superhero/princess fish is floating belly up. i really don't have the energy for the tears.

its just really nasty. i don't much care for fish. well, the cleaning and caring for that is. like most pets. maybe its because i just have plenty to do cleaning up after those in my family actually worth cleaning up for. the ones i love:
but this is how they really felt about taking mother's day pictures:

so we bribed them with candy.

and off we went to lunch. (we kept calling it brunch because ella really hates that word and we love to tease her.) where mason chewed on the table...
and was a good sport while his brother and sister fed him.
then we went for some gelato. (ella asked, "are we getting ice cream?" "no, gelato." "but... does it have sugar in it?" "yes." "ok!" (that's my girl))
but the highlight of my mother's day was a very sweet list presented to me: "reasons why we have the best mommy in the whole world." and i'll spare you from all of them because i don't want to make you feel bad about yourselves... you know, since i'm so perfect and all. but i had to share just a couple of my favorites (and even though i feel like each of them merit a bit of explanation, i'll refrain and just let you wonder):

14. she doesn't spank us anymore
17. she drives us around in her minivan while we watch movies
20. she gives us pennies when we are really good

and really, my favorite (because it falls into the "this is what its all about" category):

7. she teaches us bible verses.


Joanna said...

Your posts always crack me up Stephanie. I think your kids have inherited your sense of humor too, that list made me laugh. I hope your goldfish don't die on you :).

amber said...

If you got those fish @ a Wal-mart... Adam said he had to catch up to the UPS lady one day last summer and saw with his own two eyes how they get fish to the store . In a bag with water in a box. No ice, no special cushie styrofoam, no Fedex. No wonder they are so cheap and never live past a week. Hope you had a great Mother's Day and thanks for all the laughs!