Wednesday, April 28, 2010

kids say the darndest things...

a small sampling from today:

ella: "i might get in trouble for telling you this.... but... today, at nap time, i held bennett like a baby." and she raised her eyebrows and put her hands in the rocking motion.

ummm... ok? and why would i care about that?

ella: "if you laugh real loud when you toot, you don't actually have to say excuse me, because no one will hear it. its a real fun trick. you should try it."

bennett: "the garage smells weally, weally good, mom. it weally does."

me: "what does it smell like?"

bennett: "wine."

hmmm. should i be more worried that my garage smells like wine or that my 3 year-old knows what wine smells like?

Monday, April 26, 2010

some weekend tidbits

we went to the beach friday night. used a gift card for a fun dinner at a nice restaurant but decided if a place has linen napkins and soft music playing, we'll go ahead and pass from now until mason is 10. or can at least be sedated.

after dinner, we walked down the boardwalk and out on the pier. (i could then add here that it was pretty chilly, even with our jackets and we had to get hot chocolate to warm up but that would probably make my phoenix friends hate me. so i'll just keep that part to myself.)

saturday, we did some gardening.

("we" meaning anthony, of course. with "help" from the kids.)

he got all creative and did some awesome designer planters made from our old mahogany bed that was broken beyond repair in our resourceful that man is.

every day is earth day around here.
(please disregard any mounds of disposable diapers you might see.)

sunday we celebrated with birthday boy papa:great memories with family,
fun times with cousins,

lots of good food,and absolutely no naps.
and not to worry, aunt dede. mason doesn't speak for all of us...we sure love you!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

going to the chapel...

we've sorta had weddings on the brain around here. and by that i mean ella is COMPLETELY obsessed with the notion of playing "wedding" all day. every day. fortunately, the lucky man is always daddy. (lucky man also means "very good sport." i mean, come on? how cute is he?) the thrilled to death brother. (please notice rose petals scattered about the "aisle")(and the ribbons tied around the chairs... what can i say? she has an eye for detail. which is why she also wanted place cards made for the reception and a fancy "dinner." sorry, its pb&j for lunch, little bride.)vows written completely by ella without any prompting whatsoever by me. she sure retains a lot considering she's only been to one wedding. (that of "aunt" and "uncle")

"friends, we come to celebrate this wooded husband and wooded wife.

now, uncle anthony you say: 'with this ring, i celebrate this wooded wife.'

would you be nice to this wooded wife?

now aunt ella, you say: 'with this ring i celebrate this wooded husband.'

would you be nice to this wooded husband?

let the dancing begin... all i know is someday these photos will be great in that wedding picture montage before ella walks down the aisle.

("someday" of course meaning "in like 30 years when she's actually allowed to talk to boys.")

Monday, April 19, 2010

this will be it...

so who's sick of pictures of my brother's wedding?and by "my brother's wedding" i of course mean "my kids at my brother's wedding in their awesome hats, ties and princess dress." but how can i not share with you this picture: and the one of my boys (minus the boy who is digging through my purse for jelly beans... or throwing a temper tantrum...) but anyhow, this will be it... for now.

and i'll leave you with a picture of miss maureen... a very dear friend from my hometown who my daughter (and bennett too!) loves to pieces. she is a wonderful lady with 3 great kids my sister and i would babysit. her sons hated me because i was mean and i wouldn't put up with any of their lip (they were friends with chad) and i loved babysitting for them because they always had super yummy ice cream (from the schwan's truck!) and they paid very good. like i'm talking $3 an hour! and not to date myself or anything, but it was a long time ago and that was
very generous.

maureen is also a faithful blog reader and she deserves a shout out.
we love you maureen!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

but then ...

...there were jelly beans


i had high hopes that this little boy would keep his hat on for most of the evening... at least the important part, anyway.
like, the "pictures with the groom" part.

not so lucky.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

little bro

when did this stinky little boy, who used to torment me and embarrass me in front of my friends,
who called calls me fatso and eavesdropped on my phone conversations and tried to drown my kitty,

who slept with mom's bra as a little boy because it was "soft,"
who farted at the dinner table and constantly forgot to give me phone messages,

me: "chad, did anyone call?"
chad: "uhhhh... yeah, i think so."
me: "who?"
chad: "i don't really remember."

*next day*
me: "what is this?" finding a note saying: "4-532" on the kitchen counter.
chad: "umm... oh yeah, someone called you."
me: "WHO?!?"
chad: "can't remember. that's their phone number."
me: "its missing some numbers!"
chad: "oh."
me: "well, was it a guy or a girl?"
chad: "uh, i don't remember."
me: "chad! i'm going to kill you!"
chad: "shut up, fatso!")

who told his homecoming date to "git!" on out of our house after pictures
and used to be obsessed with pez, the three stooges, bart simpson and elisabeth shue, who used to let us dress him up as a girl, and would eat handfuls of spinach under the delusion it would actually give him enough strength to break through his sisters' bedroom door (thank you popeye),

who told us what our birthday presents were before we opened them and constantly fought with me over who would ride shotgun...

when did stinky little chad...

grow up to such a fine looking gentleman?

when did he become so head over heels and lovestruck at the sight of his beautiful bride?when did he find such an amazing girl to marry,
who will actually put up with him,

even during football season...
sarah, he may be your husband now, but he'll always be my annoying, stinky, pesky little brother.

i love you, chad. and sarah. congratulations on happily ever after.