Monday, July 23, 2012

joy. contentment. patience.

i'm not gonna lie. life's been a tad overwhelming for me as of late.

hmmm... can't imagine why.

this whole having 4 kids thing is crazy. and despite my best efforts to the contrary, my calendar just keeps getting filled up.

somedays i'm ok with craziness and kids running through the kitchen dripping wet from sprinklers and water gun fights.

but other days i fear the mess of my house will bury us all.

and i know, i know... there's a season for cleaning, a season for home cooked meals served on pristine platters, a season for sleeping, a season for responding to emails and returning phone calls, a season for blogging....

many wonderful, encouraging women have told me, "don't worry about your house. just soak up the time with your kids."

i agree.


people. when i lament the disaster of my home, its not anxiousness about alphabetizing the spice rack or organizing sock drawers. i'm worried about the possibility of mold growing on my kitchen counters.

for real.

alas, last week was my birthday. and there is something freeing about birthdays. while i don't want any wild party or extravagant gifts (unless of course you wanna buy me a housekeeper) i thoroughly enjoy a day to be completely guilt free. 

what dishes?

laundry? ha. 

homeschool prep for next year? not today. 

calories? as if!

responsibilities do not exist. 


i even did something wild and crazy.

i learned to surf.

(dont be fooled. i am not cool. me = poser) 

(however, my good friend on the right is. for real. but she's gracious enough to still be my friend anyway.)

so kat (cool friend) and her equally cool husband taught me to surf. and while you will not see me in any competitions (or another skin tight wetsuit) in the near future, i might just mention that i did indeed catch my very first wave on my very first try.

all due to chet. and his cheering wife. kat.

i love my friends. 

(and i didn't even get eaten by sharks. my biggest fear.) 

kat also called me today just to say, "how can i pray for you?"

she does this often. and i know she really does pray. and it means the world to me.

my answer is often the same. 

joy. contentment. patience.

in reality, i don't wish that my life to be any different than it is. (i mean, i would like to be skinny... but what woman who has birthed 4 children wouldn't?!? come on...)

i just want joy in the chaos. contentment in the overwhelmingness. and patience through the frustrating and long afternoons.

(oh, and to really be that cool friend who encourages others half as much as kat does me)

"... for a happy heart, life is a continual feast." proverbs 15:15