Wednesday, February 20, 2008

bennett's announcement

bennett has some exciting news to share. he is going to be a big brother! he is very excited and can't wait for his mommy to get out of this miserable first trimester so we can do some fun things again.

i am 11 weeks and we had our first dr. appt last week, complete with a very cool ultrasound where we even saw our baby waving to us. i am due september 18 which, lucky me, means yet another summer in phoenix where i am miserable and huge. the "good" news is, the high today is supposed to be 81 degrees. to most of you, that sounds quite nice. to those of us in phoenix, we look at the calendar, realize it is only FEBRUARY and know that if it is this hot now, we are all going to die for sure this summer!

so yes, back to the baby. although we were a bit surprised at God's timing, we are very excited and feel so blessed to be able to have another child in our family. we do realize we may never sleep again, but that is a small price to pay to add to our adorable collection of children. :)

we told ella last week and her first response was to run to me, look at me intently and ask, "are you just teasing?" (apparently we do that often in our family.) once i assured her we were serious she got so excited and started running around. and then she asked, "what's his name?" we told her we didn't have a name so what did she think it should be. she thought for about 2 seconds before a huge grin broke across her face and she said with confidence, "zaccheas!" and somehow, for ella it has stuck. every time she points at my belly (which is not yet "baby" and is more so a "surplus of carbs") she talks about zaccheas. i'm a bit worried if it is a girl whose name would then mean "wee little man who climbs a tree."

sunday school

our family headed up to see my parents this past weekend for a nice little break. anthony went to church with ella while i stayed home with bennett and his runny nose. when they got back, i asked ella how sunday school was. "good." she then told me her teacher's name was miss jennifer. "was she nice?" i asked her. "yeah," said ella. "and she didn't even hit me."

ummm... what? does that usually happen to you in sunday school? what kind of church are we going to!?! :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

dear ole maddie

today is the day you hope will never come. maddie was put to sleep today. anthony took her in this morning. she was such a good dog and she will definitely be missed.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

hockey fun

our family was treated to 4 coyotes tickets. the seats were quite good and the kids sat still and enjoyed themselves until the 3rd period (the food stashed in my purse helped a bit).

ella took it all in and wondered, "where do they sleep?"

bennett loved the action... the fights, the floating taco, the zamboni, the people sitting behind us that whistled really loud, the licorice, the fruit snacks....

ella even got a picture with jeremy roenick... so he doesn't play for phoenix anymore and it happened to be a picture on the wall....