Saturday, April 4, 2009

don't try this at home

i love the baby whisperer. no, i hate her. no, i love her. hate her. love her. hate her. love... yeah, its been sorta like that. in this whole journey for normalcy (whatever THAT might mean here) there have been these miraculous moments where mason has been this angel who drifted off into a peaceful sleep. AND THEN... there have been these other moments where i have contemplated putting my head through the drywall. oh the joys of motherhood. and of course i blame the baby whisperer. because if it weren't for her i would have to blame: a. myself (and like i need another thing to add to the pile of mommy guilt) or b. mason. tempting. but he's just too darn cute.
but he has been sleeping every night until at 4 or 5 am and then goes back to bed after a bottle. (why, oh why do i put this in print... have i jinxed myself?) this is reason enough to celebrate.

and earlier this week, i had the GLORIOUS joy of not one, but 2 nights out with dear, dear friends. i love these nights for 2 reasons. i love my friends. and then i love my kids more. we all just need a little break now and again.

i never have to worry when the kids are with daddy. he is just one big bundle of love and fun.

...and then this conversation happened with ella:

"oh mommy, i have to tell you the funniest thing." pauses to giggle and then contain herself. "last night we saw this guy with a hammer and nails," and then her face got all contorted and violent and very expressive, "and he put a nail in his nose and then hammered it in!" and then her and bennett burst into laughter.

umm... ok. what?

"where did you see this?"

"on tv. with daddy." really? was this before or after the midnight showing of the exorcist.

kids are still laughing so hard. and then ella adds, "he had to get all the boogers out of his nose."

"ahhh ha ha ha ha ha ha..." the giddiness reaches an uncontainable level as i am reaching for the phone.

time to check-in with daddy. i guess it was some illusionist show with cute, innocent bunnies and when the scene switched to hammer "fun" he turned off the tv. apparently not quickly enough.

looks like i'll be hiding the hammer next time they get a cold.


lmngirls said...

I tried to put a comment the other day on your blog about the baby whisperer but 4 some reason it wouldn't let me, and I was all frustrated, anyway, I had tried to say binkies saved my life with all 4 of my kids & at this point I don't care if Morgan keeps hers till she's 10, it gets her to sleep! Anyway, your woes have been keeping me entertained! Keep 'em comin!

stephanie said...

IF ONLY my precious little boys would take the binky... i would agree, i would let them keep it till 10, 18, 35...

Rachael Schepemaker said...

Glad to hear nightime is going a little better with Mason. It was great to see you last week for AJs. We really need to do that again!