Tuesday, April 14, 2009

you must have been a beautiful baby...

i always hear how mason "looks JUST like bennett." and while i agree they look like brothers, i often see more resemblance to mason in ella's baby pictures. they do have slightly different eye shape and obviously eye color... but, i don't know, maybe its just the round face, kevin bacon hair and similar face expressions...

someone recently told me we are all just a creepy clone of each other (said as a compliment, i'm sure).




what? what's that you say: "wait, i need to look at some more." well, since i'm looking for an excuse to be an annoying proud mommy... its your lucky day! here ya go:

mason on left, ella on right (and sitting in the sink):

mason on left, bennett on right:

what do you think?


Rachael Schepemaker said...

I think Mason is a mixture of Ella and Bennett. How's that for being fair! I was going to call you for an AJs iced tea yesterday, but one of my children had to get sick on me and I didn't feel right leaving her in the car while we had a good ol' time. I know you get my sense of humor...sure hope others reading this comment do too. Just in case, I would never leave my child in an unattended car. No need to make a phone call to CPS.

Tonya said...

Wow, yep, just a bunch of creepy (yet adorable) clones of you and Anthony! ;)

debby94 said...

They are all soooooo cute & look like each other. You & Anthony have beautiful children!

Joanna said...

He does look a lot like ella as a baby! But now that he's a little older (well, still a baby) I see a lot of Bennett in him. So I guess to echo Rachael - a good mixture of both :). That last picture though of Mason and Bennett side by side is a very close resemblance.