Tuesday, April 21, 2009

i scream, you scream, we all scream for free ben and jerry's ice cream!

its free cone day! find the ben and jerry's closest to you.


you're welcome.


Megan O. said...

Darn! I saw this one day too late.

Shep said...

Hi Stephanie! It's so funny that you commented on my blog because I just saw you the other night at Ben And Jerry's, and then again I think at Inflate at church! And then I think we've even chatted a bit about having three kids and how crazy we feel sometimes? Well, okay for me it's more than sometimes! :) It's nice to officially meet you! :) And yes, Kristi totally does cut my hair. I think you'd look great with shorter hair- but I love your hair now too! :) And by the way, your kids are absolutely adorable!!! I hope to see you soon at church. Have a great afternoon,

Lisa said...

woops, i posted that comment under my husbands account on accident. here's mine! :)