Wednesday, April 22, 2009

weekly random tidbits... the trifecta

  1. a friend of mine called me to ask me about potty training and mommy guilt. (oh honey, you so called the right person.) her son is 2 months younger than bennett and she's getting the pressure that he should be potty-trained because "all my kids were potty trained when they turned 2." of course they were. so she was kinda stressed about it and i reminded her that she is having a c-section FRIDAY and now is not the time to start potty training. in fact, i have no intention of potty training bennett anytime in the near future (which is a disappointment to him because he's on the verge of being ready and i'm just too overwhelmed with life) and when i do, i'll let her know and she can take that has her 2 month warning. so in order to help her out, i'll stall as long as needed.

  2. happy earth day. i've saved us like $3.20 with the cloth diapers now. (gagging smell emanating from laundry room not factored into total) (don't even ask how much i could be saving if we didn't need bennett's diapers because you just can't put a price tag on sanity.)

  3. anthony took ella and bennett to the park this weekend. when i take them to the park its sorta like, go have fun. i'll be sitting right here with mason. when anthony takes them its a completely different story. for instance: this weekend. he decided they would go to three different parks and do something different at each. kite flying at park #1, swinging and easter egg hiding at park #2, and picnic lunch and hide-and-go-seek at park #3. he calls it the trifecta. they love that word. no wonder they like daddy so much more than me.

  4. we've reached this new era where ella designs her own crafts. it is AWESOME. i am not a crafty person so when she says, "i'm going to make a bird house today." i was like, great, what do you need. tape, crayons, paper, cracker crumbs and spinach. and a tupperware for the birds to stand in while eating.

  5. we had our first 100 degree day yesterday. lovely. just lovely. why do the weather people build it up like we are going to be excited or something: "maybe on tuesday we'll have our first triple digit temperature of the year, folks!" nice try. you didn't fool me. no one is celebrating. (except for air-conditioning repairmen.)

  6. and lets hear it for candy! its the simple things in life...


Megan O. said...

Can I just tell you how much I love reading your posts? You crack me up!

Tonya said...

My favorite was the spinach for the birds :)

debby94 said...

Love it, love it, love it! Stephanie, you are hilarious! Reading your blog lifts my spirits. (Same goes for reading Angie's blog)