Thursday, April 16, 2009

introducing random weekly tidbits

i often have these little bits of information pop up during the week and i think to myself, i should put that on the blog. then i forget, or realize how incredibly boring reading it would be. or sometimes i just have a little paragraph to share. so. i thought we'll have a little weekly time to share the tidbits of life. you know, for my mom and the other 2 bored friends i have. i'll post it sometime each week. check... i don't know... sometime between monday and friday. it should be here.

1. mason now fits into the cloth diapers we have. no, i'm not all about "going green" or anything (not that there is anything wrong with that and i think its wonderful if you do... its just that my priority list begins with things like "staying sane" and "convenience." and of course, also at the top is "saving money." therefore: cloth diapers. when my lovely friend jenny had sextuplets, some wonderful, very generous stranger sent her a plethora of amazing cloth diapers. not that she wasn't grateful, but more so she recognized the absurdity of trying to do cloth diapers on top of simply surviving every day with 6 babies, and she passed them along to me. so. thank you jenny. also, thank you stranger.) mason doesn't wear them when he sleeps (because i so do NOT need anything else waking him up) or when we go out (because i'm not interested in standing at some public restroom sink washing out a poopy diaper with one hand, holding a baby with the other, while yelling at my children to stop doing pull-ups on the handicap bars.) so i did the math and yesterday i saved us 38.4 cents. at this rate, i should be able to get a new kitchen table in like 3 1/2 years.

2. i just finished a great book. i'm always slightly depressed when a good book ends. and even more so after a series. this particular book was the final book in a 5 book series that followed a 9 book series. needless to say, this is kinda tragic. these people, who were such a part of my life for so many months... are no more. after finishing this post i have every intention of baking a batch of brownies and comforting myself with some warm chocolate.

3. 7 month update: mason is sitting on his own. he is also teething. his 2 bottom teeth should be poking out soon. hopefully VERY soon. any. day. now. please.

4. ella recently exclaimed to me, "wow! mommy, you know EVERYTHING!" that's right, honey. and don't you forget it!

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Rachael Schepemaker said...

I like this new feature to your blog :-)