Wednesday, April 29, 2009

weekly random tidbits: how to feed a control freak

  1. bad news, all you lovely single ladies out there... my brother is officially off the market. chad is engaged! welcome to the family (soon) to his beautiful fiance sarah

  2. had a wonderful girls weekend at my parents house. i really don't have any complaints, but if you ask, i can think of a few things that would have made it better: if the weekend lasted 15 days instead of 2 and also, if mason hadn't come. yes, i love him and all, but "girl's weekend" translates into "its all about me." he doesn't understand this. and he exhausts me. but thanks to my dad, i still had many moments where my arms were baby-free.

  3. and of course, the other two had the time of their lives at home during their "daddy party," which included an exciting assortment of fun-ness. like movie night and slumber party in our gigantic tent that barely fits in our family room even with all the furniture moved out of the way. (reason number one daddy is more fun than mommy: energy. i'm exhausted just thinking about this.)

  4. we have an imaginary dog named poppyseeds (yes, plural). the kids are very dedicated to feeding it, caring for it, talking about it. its the best kind of dog. because also imaginary: slobber, dog hair, and barking.

  5. ella's craft time yesterday: making a car. items needed: egg carton, crayons, tape, scissors. (no, i did not come up with this.)
  6. feeding mason has been a bit of a challenge. no surprise here because nothing with the kid has been easy yet. its not that he doesn't like food. its that he doesn't like me putting food in his mouth. he won't open up for the spoon. my new tactic: 2 spoons. he holds one and as he puts his in his mouth, i sneak in with the other spoon and he's happy. he likes to eat, he just wants to be in charge. a control freak at 7 months. God help us all.
  7. "i'm so proud of my daddy. he works so hard out in the hot sun. i think i'm going to give him some money." ella loves to hand out money when she is feeling affectionate. the other day she gave me some pennies for playing easter-egg-hunt with her. that night she then asked for them back when i wouldn't give her any jellybeans.

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