Monday, March 30, 2009


a very lovely friend of mine recently looked at mason and offered this compliment:

"i just love how you do his hair."

its obviously time to clear some things up...

for the record, i don't "do" his hair. in case there are more of you out there wondering why it is i comb his hair straight forward and leave it there, all wispy and wild-ish. i don't "do" that. God did when he made him. i certainly don't "do" mason's hair.

not anymore so than kevin bacon once did his hair.

yeah, i do think mason has kevin bacon hair. and this is not a good thing.

i mean, footloose is a fun movie and all, but most certainly have i never, EVER, had that crush on kevin bacon. it could be the creepy movie rolls he has played from time to time, but i really think it has more to do with that 80's hair that really just needed a little gel or something...

we (anthony) have tried product on mason's hair. no luck. its too fine and thin to stay in place. so until it grows in a little thicker, thank you to all you footloose fans who just might think my son is adorable with sorta 80's hair.

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