Wednesday, February 25, 2009


so, anyone have a highchair collecting dust in their garage that you would rather have accumulating cheerios and cheese chunks in my kitchen?

we do have a high chair, which is being used by my adorable nephew. my sister of course will be horrified by this post and will most likely not even finish reading before throwing the highchair in her car and taking off across town to return it. she is just that thoughtful. really she is. which is why i had to ask to talk to her 7 year-old to get the real truth as to whether or not it was being used.

and truthfully, i'd really be happy to use a different one anyway. i'm not a big fan of the one we have. its wooden and looks really cool. however, its not "ergonomically correct" with straps that don't entirely keep a wiggly child contained. and it doesn't look so cool when you happen to see your son dangling over the side with nothing but his ankle hanging precariously in the buckled straps. yeah, that was bennett. he was like 8 months old or something and smiling the entire time. even after i screamed and ran across the kitchen to rescue him from certain brain injury/paralysis/death.

yes, it was that dramatic.

so, should you be looking to "store" your high chair for a brief period of time at my house, you know where to find me. right here, wasting time on my blog while currently, ella persistently begs me for a snack...

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aunt gigi said...

Seriously - it's on the way!!