Monday, February 16, 2009


(yes, its been thoroughly cleaned.)

fyi: post-1982 pennies are made mostly with zinc, which, if lodged in the stomach erodes quickly and causes some serious ulcers. so. please check the date on your penny before allowing your child to put it in their mouth.

bennett's penny was 2004. a bit of erosion, but no signs of an ulcer. yet. that will come later when he is old enough to see all his mom has shared about him with the blog world.


Tonya said...

Ok, don't be offended by this because Ella is beautiful... but I have to confess that the first thing I thought when I saw this picture is that Ella looks like the girl from The Ring with her dark hair all in her face like that, ha!!

And PS, way to go Bennett for getting that penny out and being so brave for the xrays... and for Mason for gaining weight! :)

amber said...

Yay, he passed it!! I was just musing about how great it will be for your kids to read all your blogs when they grow up and then I nearly shot my sip of water out my nose @ your ulcer comment. Good stuff!

aunt gigi said...

Glad to see everything came out okay

debby94 said...

You'll have to keep this penny forever. Maybe this would be a good picture for his high school yearbook! You never cease to crack me up. Thanks!

kenny said...

and post 1982 pennies are bad to be used as smashed pennies. The zinc creates streaks. I know... geek.