Thursday, February 5, 2009

hip, hip, horray!

poppa saved the day...

ella's prayer last night included the line: "and thank you poppa could come down and clean our house."

not only did poppa vacuum and clean our bathrooms (something that hadn't been done since the last time he was here... yeah, i'm not trying to hide anything. my house is a mess. why do you think i whine about wanting a housekeeper?), he took the kids to the park, put puzzles together, read stories, and most importantly for me, he held mason.

i'll be real honest (those of you sensitive to mommy honesty may want to stop reading here): i'm pretty much over the baby-ness of my life right now. yeah, i hear you saying i'm horrible, but i asked you to stop reading. i love mason, but seriously, i'm tired of holding him every waking moment of the day. i mean, a girl has got to brush her teeth... go to the bathroom... fill some sippy cups... waste some time on facebook... so it was nice to have poppa hold the fussy baby for me so i could do those things listed above as well as sit and do nothing at all. thanks for the break, dad. and really, he has the magic touch. mason is quite content with him.

i have moments when i think to myself, you might miss this someday. then i laugh out loud. i know about not rushing this stage and it goes so fast... blah, blah, blah. i agree with you. in about one more month that is how i will feel. but i am most certainly not wishing this stage to go on forever. seriously, let's sit on our own... hold a toy for 30 seconds... maybe eat a few cheerios. no wonder my house is a disaster and my other children are attention deprived. this little baby takes up my whole day.

some people tell me they miss this stage of babyhood because their babies slept all the time. ahhh... now there is the difference between them and me.

in case i sound ungrateful, i'm not. i feel very blessed to have 3 fantastic children. and maybe, maybe, when mason is a teenager i'll say, "oh, i wish i could just hold you in my arms." but even if i do say that, i won't actually mean that i want to do it all day, every day. maybe just a few moments here and there. and besides, when they are older i plan to make my kids hug me anytime they want the car keys, allowance, dinner...

and i have checked with the doctor to make sure nothing is wrong with mason. he assures me he is healthy and there is nothing to worry about. so what he is really saying is, its just his personality. lucky me.

he does have happy moments. they are generally when he is being held.

and in daddy news, as a result of a pretty crazy month and a half of very long, semi-stressful days, my hardworking husband informed me this week he has lost 15 lbs.

15 pounds, you say? yep, we are definitely trading places for the month of february.


Megan O. said...

i am feeling your pain right now. sounds like you've been through the ringer lately and to have your husband stressed out on top of it makes it so much worse. i don't know how you're surviving right now but i'm so glad you have such a great dad who is so willing to help. and i don't think you have any reason to feel guilty for being ready to move past the baby stage--it kind of starts to lose it's luster after the first kid, when you realize you CAN'T just sit and hold them all day. praying for you!

debby94 said...

Will you send your dad over here? Or, maybe if I call my dad and tell him what your dad did, he will come over and clean my house!! Dads are awesome aren't they? I hope Mason pushes through the fussy period quickly. It doesn't take much to completely wear a mom (or anyone) down. Hopefully things will change & he will be your easiest child in the future. Love & prayers are coming your way!

Poppa said...

You have nothing to be ashamed about. I am so proud of you, and you too, Angie. You guys are such awesome mothers, and you have awesome husbands, too. I am glad I could come down and do what Dads are suppose to do.

Bethany said...

I totally hear ya on this, and I only have ONE. You have survived more than I would have, that's for sure. I hope you and Anthony can have some time together soon, and hopefully time away from the kids. (Don't worry, we all know you love them, but everyone needs breaks) Be sure to take care of yourself and ask for help... have a baby sitter come over for a couple hours just so you can get a break!!

Tonya said...

I love your honesty in this. This blog brought me to tears as well, with what you said about your Dad, my Mom and Dad have always been there for me in a heartbeat and have saved my sanity several times. Really don't know what I would do without them!

I'll be praying that Anthony's schedule, and your life in general, can began some kind of normalcy soon!

Teri said...

Praise the Lord for grandparents. They really are sanity savers.

Anthony should publish his weight loss plan for the rest of us.