Thursday, February 12, 2009

nature calls

we had a glorious picnic at the park today. nice weather (if the sun is your thing), happy kids, un-fussy baby. green grass. yummy food. good times. i was just sitting there thinking to myself how nice it is to be out of the house and have mason happy all at the same time. and then:

ella: can i go pee somewhere?
me: yeah, lets go home.
ella: well, i really have to pee, but i don't want to go home.
me: sorry, we have to go home. there are no bathrooms here.
ella: i can just go pee over there. (pointing at the bushes)
me: ummm, no. we need to go home to pee.
ella: but why? there is no one around (dramatically indicating the absence of people with the swoop of her arm)
me: there are houses everywhere. and someone could be looking out the window at you. and i think its against the law to pee in public and you could get arrested.
ella: ok, lets go. (runs for the car)

and who says she's unreasonable?

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