Thursday, February 12, 2009

now for the "slightly inappropriate, please don't report me" category...

had us a fun little bath time today. mason was a little unsure at first. most likely because his seat was more of a little boat since he doesn't weigh enough to keep it in place. he sorta floated amongst the other kids.
so tomorrow is the big day. i take him back to the doctor for a weight check. and if this double chin is any indication, i'm hoping he has climbed out of the .23 percentile.

so here's to gaining some weight! (mason, that is...)

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Joanna said...

Your title cracked me up! But Mason's face in that first picture and the idea of his bumbo floating around made me laugh even more. I think he is the spitting imagine of Bennett. I hope he has gained weight for you - I always worry about that with Kat. I think it would be nice to have to eat and gain weight, but I guess kids don't think the same way ;).