Tuesday, February 24, 2009

good times with nana and papa

our fun visit with nana and papa included swimming in february, cool new flashlights (which have already provided hours of fun), and stinky the bull (lucky you, i forgot my camera that day.) we love you, nana and papa!

watching my children soaking up as much fun as possible in the heated pool brought back some fond memories of my childhood... times my family would head down to phoenix for the weekend to stay at embassy suites when they had their killer deals. you know, those "summer specials" that would entice you to fill their vacant rooms in the absolute deadness of summer. when everyone else was heading to the coolness of the mountains, we were heading for the deals in the city. didn't bother us though, except for the feeling of our skin peeling off as a result of some massive sunburns.

but alas, there is not a soul in my family who won't smile at the mention of the "pool with the ledge." (and in all fairness to my parents, i remember many fun phoenix visits, not always spent in the blistering sun. after all, there was the time we spent the whole day inside air-conditioned mervyn's when the car died. good times, good times... thanks mom and dad)


aunt gigi said...

Ahh, memories....

Poppa said...

I remember the hot summer day, 112 I think is what is was, when I was under the car on the hot parking lot, while you guys were, in Mervyns. It could have been worse, we could have been out on the interstate between Blythe and Phoenix.