Sunday, March 1, 2009

wardrobe malfunction

ella's chosen attire for church:
our compromise:
and since i'm her mom, i'm going to brag for just a moment about how i think she is quite beautiful. and i think i'm going to post just a few more pictures. you know, since it's my blog and i can...

pictures i begged her to stay still for, now being our chance since "the boys were still sleeping."

"you mean those two boys who still poop in their diapers?"

yep. those are the ones.

side note: the other day on our walk, we saw some of our friendly neighbor kids, had a little chat with them and then were on our way. as we were walking away i heard one little boy say to a group of girls, "so-and-so has a crush on ella." i started to chuckle and then i abruptly stopped myself and fought the urge to turn around and exclaim, "she's only 4!" but i thought better of it. like the 1st graders are really going to care what i think.

and besides, its not like she's leaving the house ever again anyway.


lmngirls said...

She's lovely!

debby94 said...

She is beautiful!

Joanna said...

Ella is beautiful! And what a sweet mom/daughter post. I love that she refers to her two brothers as the boys who still poop in their diapers :).

Mama Kat said...

Oh my gosh this blog is like a diamond. And that little girl is stinking GORGEOUS.

...reminds me a bit of my own... ;)