Tuesday, September 15, 2009

moving thoughts

seeing my house in boxes and recognizing the officialness of this move and all, brings about a jumble of emotions. i'm very excited for the next chapter of our life, which includes summers outside, great work opportunities for anthony and proximity to dear friends and family in california.

i'm also sad about leaving dear friends and family here. i know california isn't that far, but it won't be long until everyone moves on and forgets all about us and won't even want to come visit.

"stephanie who?" they'll say to each other.

random thoughts circle through my stressed out, sleep deprived mind.

and then mornings like this happen and i suddenly have wonderful clarity:

"mommy? i need some help." said very calmly by bennett.

"you can put your choneys on by yourself, bud." i'm reading his mind here. because he is currently in the bathroom and this is almost a script. its what he asks help for about 40 times a day. its not that he can't do it. but why do something for yourself when someone else can do it for you?

"actually, mommy... i think there is something that looks like a sort of scorpion."

a few times a week, my kids think they see a scorpion. it could have something to do with my paranoia that i can't help but communicate. but regardless, every speck on the floor, every tiny ant, every crumb... is somehow a scorpion. but even though they constantly "cry wolf," i always come running, because what if? this is probably why the game is so much fun for them.

(why do i care? because they are indeed actually very dangerous to small children. just ask rachael whose daughter was air evaced to the hospital when venom attacked her central nervous system.)

but this time, i find bennett in the bathroom, staring eye to eye with a scorpion.

"what are we going to DO??? daddy isn't home!!!" ella says, slightly panicked.

"i'll kill it." i assure her.

"YOU?!?!" yes, ella, believe it or not, i can step up when needed and kill creepy bugs. and i'll only cry about it just a little bit when i tell daddy.

yes, i used to keep track. but i've lost count lately. there have been SO many. like, maybe 7 in the last couple of months. yeah, its like we are infested over here.

high time to get out of the desert and over to the beach, i tell ya.

so, please, arizona desert friends, come visit me there. because i will, indeed, miss you very much.

*note: should you actually live in california and have seen a scorpion in your home, please keep it to yourself.


Rachael Schepemaker said...

I will be sure to recommend to Hank that we must move to CA the next time we see a scorpion...which should happen in the next day or so. I think we are coming out to CA for a SeaWorld trip near Christmas or in the spring. We will definitely hook up with you.

Heather said...

That would definitely make my decision to move easier if I were in your shoes. We have lots of spiders and mice here in the midwest, but thankfully, no scorpions. How scary!

How on earth do you dispose of the little suckers?

Charlotte said...


You know where I live. I've never seen a scorpion. And I'm not just telling you that. :) Blessings as you all go through the ups and downs of moving. So excited to see you someday soon and meet your family!! :)