Sunday, September 27, 2009


so, its been a brutal week.

trying to pack up your house and move with 3 little kids is exhausting and overwhelming enough. (lets just say, the last year of my life hasn't exactly provided much opportunity for organization.)

throwing in the shocking death of a dear friend makes it much tougher (and by far the roughest part of this week).

and then, on top of the physical and emotional exhaustion...

why not discover your home builder didn't install a pipe correctly and water has been slowly leaking in your walls since you moved in (over 3 years ago). so lets rip out some walls and stick some serious fans and one gi-normous dehumidifier in your house for the week, causing some very irritating noise, heat and serious dryness.

its only estimated to cost about $5,000. hopefully our home owner's insurance will cover it and we'll only have to pay our moderately high deductible.

oh, and then maybe your renters, scheduled to move in this week, might just go ahead and back out leaving you with a mostly packed, completely disorganized house and an already signed contract for a place in california.

needless to say, i'm a little tired.

water damage,
er bills, car repair drama (don't even get me started on what my poor husband has been through), rent expenses and such lead me to suggest the following to anthony:

"hey, maybe tomorrow we can just go ahead and flush a bunch of cash down the toilet."

he, in all his calm wisdom responds, "the way i look at it, its the Lord's money. we are just stewards of it."

something i already knew, but certainly needed a reminder of. he's in control. he knows whats coming and what we need. our money, our time, our lives. its all His.

a perspective that provides some much needed peace.

"You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you." Isaiah 26:3


Jennifer said...

You're right, God knows our needs and He will provide but bless your heart! I hop this week is a much better one for you :)

Sara said...

Oh Steph,

Wow. What a week. I for sure can't imagine all you're going through right now, but I do know that you CAN have the peace that passeth all understanding. The type that makes absolutely no sense in all the craziness of life. Yikes!

But, we're praying for you and looking forward to seeing God's provision play out...

We love you guys...

Heather said...

I hope this week is a better one for you and your family.

We had the same issue with running water inside our home years ago; such a shame when it's something that could have been avoided by careful work and even more careful inspection. I feel for you.

Best of luck with the move. I hope you're settled soon.

debby94 said...

Thanks for the reminder that everything we have is the Lord's. We just had to replace a water pressure regulator. They are supposed to last ten years. Ours lasted two. Of course the home builders warranty doesn't cover it. It could have been worse though, so I am very thankful.

Charlotte said...

Oh Stephanie,

I had one of those weeks (not that they were exactly the SAME, but, it was a Job kind of week nonetheless) a couple of weeks ago. Soooo sorry friend. But am touched by your holding on to His promises. That is faith. And, maybe, in times like these, that's all we're asked to do. So much love friend and excited to give you a big hug whenever we get to see one another. Hang in there girl ... this, too, shall pass.