Sunday, January 18, 2009


as in the number of scorpions found in our home. just in case you are keeping track. because i sure am.

i just have to say how much i hate scorpions. i mean really. my skin is crawling as i write this and when i close my eyes i envision hundreds of them scurrying across my floor, up the crib legs, into my children's beds... yeah, i really hate them.

you might be one of those people who would tell me they may be scary but they aren't going to kill you. if that is the case, you don't know my dear friend
rachael, whose daughter was air evaced to the hospital where she went into convulsions as scorpion venom attacked her central nervous system. yeah, its serious stuff, people.

i spend many waking hours walking through this house in the dark. its a creepy feeling, thinking you are going to step on one at any moment. i now wear slippers, which are laid carefully on my night stand and slipped on after a little shaking, just in case they crawled up the wall or something. but could my slippers really stop one of those little monsters?

this particular scorpion (#7) was found crawling across the kids' playroom. great. they NEVER go in there...

at least i didn't scream this time. not like i did with # 4 when it was crawling out of the drain when i leaned down to spit out my toothpaste. or #5, which i found in the dish i was pulling out of the cabinet.

when we were in kauai (back in the glorious days of sleep and relaxation) i remember seeing houses raised up on stilts. this was of course for flooding, but what a great idea...

or even better... we could just move to kauai...


Tonya said...

Oh Stephanie, I almost screamed myself when you said about the one coming out of the drain, AUGHH!!! :( My friend Rachel that used to live down the street had an awful scorpion problem so I understand how you just constantly live in fear. I'll pray those little buggers go away!

PS I'm glad you commented on my blog because I hadn't realized you had changed yours, ha! :)

Anonymous said...

Stephanie...I'm so with you on this. I constantly have my eyes peeled for them. I think we have had about that many in our house too, but none for quite a long time. I specifically pray about scorpions and snakes...there is a verse about them..can't remember where at the moment.
When we first moved into the the first two days, the boys decided it would be funny to scream at the top of their lungs while I was taking a shower that Joseph had been stung by a scorpion...Mother's instinct is to get to your child immediately, without thinking twice I flew out of the shower butt naked, dripping wet into the living room and my two adorable sons were sitting on the couch in stitches. I was not however and screamed and cried my eyes out as they were ordered to their rooms. Not funny!!
I pray you are free from even the thought of them!

Chris said...

Luke 10;19 would be the trample thing. Got the T-shirt. Literally. Our scorps are kinda wimpy out here, but the thought of then crawling on me in my sleep...bothers me. Some backpackers lay down on little pad right on the ground and go. to. sleep. In the dark. Whatever. I gotta have a tent or a hammock.
The Scorps were a great band, though. :)