Tuesday, September 29, 2009

bon voyage

we are off. to california. leaving behind an empty house we pray is soon filled with a very responsible, on-time-paying renter.

we are headed to our temporary residence until we find our next somewhat permanent residence.

i recently learned our month long residence may, in fact, not have wi-fi.

what?!?! no internet?

whatever will we do!

truthfully, it actually sounds kinda nice to be completely free the compulsion to check emails and blogs every single time i pass the computer.

because there is just so much more to life. too many books to read, memories to be made with the children, sleep to catch up on...

so, should this rumor of a month without internet access be true, i'll provide a couple of reading recommendations to get you through the dry spell and month long torture of possibly no blog entries from yours truly. oh, how will you every make it?

well, at some point, i'll be back to share my life with you.

until then...

first, i'll direct you to my sister's blog. personally, i think she's a genius. but i'm a little biased. you might enjoy her adoption story. but mostly, i tell you about her because she threatens (or maybe i should just say "mentions") she is thinking of no longer blogging. you know, because of priorities in life such as children, husband, etc... this would be a tragedy to lose such a witty and wise blogger and so i encourage you to go comment on her blog about how devastated you would be if she left us and how the world is so much better because of her blog. because, it is. (and if you don't believe me, you maybe haven't read my favorite blog post in the whole wide world.)

second, allow me to direct you to the journey.

not too long ago (thanks to my dear friend sara for completely rocking my world), i started at the beginning of the journey blog and followed an 18 year old girl (now 20) as she ventured to uganda, became overwhelmed by the orphan crisis and need for Jesus and completely committed her life to God's work. she now lives there, has 14 precious orphans as her own, and is doing wonderful things to share God's love with those around her. not only are her stories seriously amazing, but she has wisdom well beyond her years to share with the rest of us.

and since i know you may not decide to commit hours of your life to reading the entire story, allow me to at least direct you to one in particular. (and trust me, its hard to pick just one.)

so if you read the journey and don't find yourself totally challenged, moved, crying, or somewhat fascinated, you might just want to check and see if you still have a pulse. its good stuff, people. and now i'm seriously considering moving to uganda. there are a lot of orphans out there in need of lots of love.

but until then, california beaches await. big love to all my dear friends in the blogging world.


Heather said...

Best of luck with the move.

We'll miss you in blog world!

Now I'm off to check out the journey. And your sister's blog, of course :)

Tonya said...

We will miss you so much! Praying for a smooth move and wonderful adventures ahead for you!

Joanna said...

I hope the move is going smoothly Stephanie. Even though we didn't get a chance to get together that much, I will miss you. I think I need a month long break from the internet as well ;). I'm going to check out The journey link!

debby94 said...

Good luck with the move! Love you & will miss you. I sure hope you have internet because I enjoy your blog very much!

Mom of Three said...

Go make your memories and enjoy those darlings. Looking forward to hearing from you when you can post again!

Charlotte said...

So, since I'm sure that you guys are all moved in, settled, bills payed, housing found ... you know, just life generally organized and calm ..............

oh wait, that's not life.

No need to wait until that IS life, but whenever you feel up for a visit (and when said visit wouldn't make life feel even crazier), do let me know. XOXO friend!