Monday, July 13, 2009

top 10 movies

this is hard. because i really like movies. lots and lots of movies. so this list is not all inclusive (even though its numbered and called "top 10") and is subject to change at any moment i happen to find another favorite while channel surfing late at night or should one of my dear friends (you) post a comment reminding me of some great movie i forgot to add. (also, i'm not endorsing any of these as like family movies or anything. always defer to the rating. i'm aware some of these are R rated. i wish they didn't put unedifying garbage in movies and i usually try to steer clear of the vulgarity of it all, but sometimes, i don't. i'm a sinner. don't judge.)

1. amazing grace

2. life is beautiful

3. pride and prejudice

4. lord of the rings (yes, i'm counting all 3 as one movie)

5. bourne movies (yes, again, i am counting all 3 as one movie)

6. hitch

7. 10 things i hate about you (some movies on my list fall into the life changing/inspiring type movies. this is not one of them. however, there is something about seeing this movie on some random channel late at night that brings a smile to my face. i'm all about fun movies set in high school where some guy pays some other guy to ask out some bitter man-hater so he can date her sister. its just SO realistic. and so very entertaining.)

8. rudy

9. to end all wars (this is one of those movies i never care to watch again because it is so graphic, but i think it is incredibly well written and the message is fantastic. very inspiring.)

10. good will hunting (yes, i think that they seriously need some soap in their potty-mouths. but this movie is brilliantly written and very entertaining.)

and really, i go through phases and can very easily read this list in like a month or a year and say to myself, that one is ridiculous. just like if i had a list back in junior high i would see space camp on it and even though the thought of accidentally being launched into space is so incredibly awesome, it really can't compete with the above list.

and since we are talking movies and all, why not talk about those movies i often find on others top 10 list... and i just don't get it.

1. braveheart. sorry.

2. forrest gump. maybe it was all the hype before i saw it. its ok, but i just didn't think it was all that great.

3. star wars. i mean...???

4. rocky movies. sure, i cried when apollo got killed and all, but i just don't think these movies are top 10 material.

5. shawshank redemption. more like shawshank depression. the things that happened to him in prison were just so disturbing i wasn't able to rejoice with the rest of america when he crawled through sewage and escaped. just didn't like it.

so, what did i forget? and what about you? post and share your faves with us.


Tonya said...

I think I just fell in love with you :) Mostly due to numbers 3,4,5,7 & 10!

Megan O. said...

I cracked up after reading your whole disclaimer about ratings and all that stuff when your number 1 movie was "Amazing Grace". You sinner you.