Sunday, July 12, 2009

random tidbits

  1. i took the "weekly" out of the title since i'm having a hard time with the whole "weekly" aspect of random weekly tidbits. its a lot of pressure. so instead of feeling like i need to post tidbits no one really cares about every week, i'm changing the title. lucky you.
  2. bennett is in the big kids sunday school class now, not the little nursery anymore. you know, since he's 3 and all. and he has been loving it. but this week when i picked him up, he kinda scowled at me and said, "some girl yelled at me." "was it your teacher?" "no. some girl." "was it a kid in your class?" "no. some girl." "why did she yell at you?" "because of the puzzle." "what did she say?" bennett pouts a little and very seriously says, "mom. i'm not going back to that place anymore."
  3. anthony and i just re-watched the movie Amazing Grace. if you haven't seen that yet, i don't know what you are waiting for. it is so inspiring. if i had a top ten list of movies, it would be close to the top. in fact, maybe i'll make one... i feel a blog post coming on... anyhow, people like william wilberforce make me feel pretty insignificant. thats ok though because i'm tirelessly molding the world changers of tomorrow. stay tuned for what God will accomplish through my wee ones.
  4. ella's prayer: "dear lord, thank you that my mommy is so nice and made us macaroni and cheese for lunch. she is such a great mommy. she loves us SO much! i'm SO excited. amen." yeah, she's easy to please.
  5. mason has taken to spitting lately. its kinda cute. except for when i am feeding him green beans.

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Joanna said...

I love your random tidbits! And I love Ella's prayer :). I meant to tell you when I saw you at church Sat. that you guys are more than welcomed to come over anytime to practice pictures. We are just sitting here hiding from the sun and waiting for a baby to come.