Monday, July 27, 2009

and a big fat...

...happy anniversary.

to the coolest couple i know.

(be careful what you send to me. it just might end up on my blog.)

my wonderful parents have been married 35 years today. this is worth celebrating.

i kinda always thought of anniversaries as a special day between couples (which it is of course) and not necessarily something everyone else celebrates with you. but my mom, in all her wisdom, once shed some interesting light on this:

"we celebrate birthdays each year, as if we really did much to accomplish getting one year older. but in this day and age, staying married seems to have lost its significance. an anniversary is really the day that deserves the attention and celebration."

how true it is. commending couples for staying together and working hard at loving each other. and how grateful i am that my parents are not only still married, but love each other deeply.

i wonder what reason they would give for a successful marriage. it could be...

-physical attraction. they look fantastic, like they haven't aged a bit.
-fantastic children that keep them young and fill their lives with joy
-money. they are loaded. filthy rich, they are.
-the memory of my dad making us pancakes every saturday morning while we watched cartoons so my mom could sleep in
-my mom's easygoing, relaxed perspective on everything. she never appears to be stressed out
-they are quick to forgive each other
-my mom's great cooking
-my dad riding his bike to work in the dark pre-dawn hours of winter so my mom could have the car (back when we only had one. you know, back before we were totally loaded.)
-the constant sacrifices they make for each other, and for those in need around them
-their mutual love for friday night popcorn-and-soda-night
-my dad's willingness to clean the house, do laundry, wash dishes, cook dinner
-my mom's willingness to let nascar blare through her house at top volume
-my dad throwing the frogs across the street in the summer so my mom didn't have to step on them
-quality time spent with each other going for walks, bike rides, hikes, and sitting on the porch

really, the list could go on. among all of these little memories are the big ones. my dad waking up an hour before work (and that was already early) to sit with his bible and pray for his family. and my mom's prayer notebook with details she committed to the Lord daily. our family going to church every sunday, weekly fellowship in our homes with other families, youth groups and summer camps. family devotions, serving others, and Christ's love modeled in my parents. through all my years growing up, my parents kept one priority the same: Jesus came first.

and their marriage is proof.

thanks mom and dad. i love you.

We loved with a love that was more than love. ~Edgar Allan Poe


Poppa said...

Thank you Stephanie, I love you very much. If we haven't aged much who is that old geezer with your mother in the second picture.

Poppa said...

Thank you Stephanie, I love you very much. If we haven't aged much who is that old geezer with your mother in the second picture.

Judy Osborn said...

Thank you, Stephanie! I would like to make one correction though. Dad doing the laundry is NOT one of the reasons that we have stay married. In fact, that is one of the reasons that our marriage almost ended a couple of times. After having numerous items of my clothing ruined by Dad's laundry 'skills', I am considering putting a padlock on the laundy room door.

Jennifer said...

35 years!! Wow! You're right they haven't aged much, I hope I look that great after 35 years of marriage :)

Judy Osborn said...

Oh, and one more correction. Loaded??? Filthy rich????? I guess that would explain why when your friends were wearing name brand tennis shoes, you were wearing Keds from Payless.

stephanie said...

oh mom... you are so modest :)

ok, so maybe its not earthly riches... but great is your reward in heaven! :)

Megan O. said...

Loved this, Steph! You're right, we should celebrate with couples who are working hard to love each other through the years. Your parents sound like such a great example of a godly and fun marriage.

debby94 said...

Happy Anniversary Randy & Judy!

Bosse Posse said...

Stephanie - your parents are HOT! I'd comment on all the other things you said, but you were the one who ended with the picture of them and completely distracted me. At least you know it's in your blood to look great when you celebrate your 35th.