Sunday, July 19, 2009

its my birthday and all i want is a beach house and a tummy tuck

... but i'll settle for a batch of brownies and a nap.

so i'll go ahead and tell you. i'm 32. (wait, that's right, isn't it? born in '77... so plus 9, carry the one...) i miss the days where you didn't have to stop and think about your age. i feel like this was the case anywhere from age 4 to age 24.

speaking of 24, i still feel like that's about how old i am. just out of college. young and cool. driving a cool car. listening to cool music. wearing cool clothes. my whole life ahead of me. and the whole night ahead of me. none of this, i better get in bed because its 10:00 and it is way late and one of my kids will be up by 6 if not before.

but no, i'm 32. this post is sort of a reminder to me, not just a notification for you. and i don't feel like i'm sharing some huge secret in admitting my age. i mean, you could figure it out on your own. much like estimating the age of a tree by the rings in its trunk, you could do the same with the fine lines around my eyes. or gray hairs per square inch of my head. or...

i keep hearing "30 is the new 20." this of course is ridiculous, but i don't care. i'll take what i can get. this being the case, right now, i'm only 22. i can still eat whatever i want because i have the metabolism of an ant and manage on one hour of sleep. (and by manage, i mean, i hardly feel tired. unlike these days where some days i have to "manage" on an hour of sleep and it is dangerous for all.)

in all seriousness though, i have had a wonderful life. not like i'm trying to say i'm on my way out and about to die, i'm so old. but just, up to this point, i've been very blessed.

really, i had a childhood that would make the cleaver's jealous. (and a mom way cooler and far more realistic than june)

a husband who is my best friend. (and he cleans!)

3 kids, who are so darn cute and absolutely hilarious i'm perfectly content to spend my days filled with their laughter.

friends and family who make me feel loved and important.

i live in the greatest country ever. (at least, that was the plan)

my house is air-conditioned. (even if it isn't on the beach...)

and i just found a bag of twix candy bars in my cupboard. (and so much for that tummy-tuck.)

happy birthday to me. cheers!


Angel said...

happy birthday!

Joanna said...

Happy birthday Stephanie!! I hope you have a fun day today. (ps - I love reading your blog - your insights are so witty and fun. )

Bethany said...

Happy Birthday Steph!! As long as we keep believing that 30's are the new 20's then it's true :) And we thought we were awesome for staying up all night at the NAU Inn and going to class the next day... little did we know what we were practicing for!

Lisa said...

Hi Stephanie! Happy Birthday! I just love reading your blog- I feel like were' such close friends since we read each other's blogs! And I hope you enjoyed those twix- that would've made my day! Love,

Rachael Schepemaker said...

You are a crack up! Hope you all had a fantastic time at the resort. See you this week!

Megan O. said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! Hope it was great (a nap and a batch of brownies would do it for me too)

Jennifer said...

Hope you had a great birthday!