Thursday, July 16, 2009

"it be a hard day"

said in the cutest possibly pouty voice by my very adorable 3 year old boy. after his 3rd time-out and just as many melt downs.

and this was all before 8:30 this morning. poor guy.

(bennett, in happier times.)

with bennett, if things aren't right, he's either tired, hungry, or sick. but it all started looking up for him when we went to the library this morning and he found the movie Wall-E.

he was very excited. very. not because he's ever seen it, mind you. but he has desperately wanted to. and why this eager desire? because wall-e is on a pair of his choneys. and every. single. time. he puts them on, he says, "i want to see holl-e." "its called wall-e, bud." "yeah, i want to see it, mom. can we see holl-e?" same conversation when we pass the redbox at the grocery store.

those pixar people know what they are doing. if you want something to become popular, just put it on children's underwear. if they wear it and don't want to pee on it, its a big deal.

so bennett its happy now. it's not such a hard day after all.

and certainly not for me either.

wanna know why?

i mean, sorry to brag and all, but my husband is amazing.

i came home from the library and the house was clean!


and i'm not talking he-put-his-shoes-away-rinsed-a-dish-and-put-his-laundry-in-the-hamper. no, this amazing stud of a specimen vacuumed, MOPPED, cleaned bathrooms, picked up clutter, cleaned the kitchen counters... i don't know even know what i'm going to do with my time today. i figure i need to spend some of it bragging to the blogging world about how amazing he is.

oh, he is.

i'm so excited about my clean house. what did i do to deserve this?

its not even my birthday.

oh wait... it almost is. :) (that's right. please no gifts.)

i guess this year i don't need to whine about wanting a housekeeper.

thanks, my love.


Joanna said...

You crack me up stephanie. That is a good man you've got there! We checked out Robot's from the library this morning and Brody was equally as excited even though he's never seen the movie. ANd now I'm going to start calling underwear choney's.

June Freaking Cleaver said...

It be a hard day for Bennett, but not for you, thanks to your wonderful husband!

Maybe he can be hired out?

Choneys? In western Pennsylvania, some folks call them gutchies.

Rachael Schepemaker said...

Wait a minute! Did I forget your birthday? I thought it was this coming Sunday. Now I feel like a horrible, horrible friend who needs to make it up to you with an AJ's cinnamon roll :-)

Can you set me straight, did I miss your special day?

debby94 said...