Wednesday, June 17, 2009

if only there were a contest...

if there were a contest for the happiest child ever, my little bennett would win the prize.
that's right. first place.

and maybe the first place prize would be a million dollars. or maybe a bi-monthly housekeeper. and i would enter him for sure. and we he would win. and he would be so happy. because he always is. and i would be happy too. because i would have a housekeeper.

but back to my happy little boy.
he turned 3 this week.


where does the time go?

oh wait, i know the answer to that question... it rushes through the years, drags slowly in the late afternoon, and stands still at 2 a.m.

but yes... birthdays make me happy/sad. i mean, i'm obviously happy to have a vivacious little 3 year old boy growing more and more into his unique little self. but i'm sad. because he grows up too fast. way too fast. and i realize how over-used the whole, "it goes fast" phrase is, but of course its true. otherwise 5 million people wouldn't tell you that the first year of your baby's sleep-deficient, fussy, all consuming life when you are thinking to yourself, "NOT FAST ENOUGH!!!!" but you don't actually say that out loud because then they would think you are a horrible mother. but its ok to admit to it on your blog because other mommys that feel the same way are reading it and they need reassurance. so...

happy birthday, bennett.

i always feel slightly guilty when birthday time rolls around. (of course. i'm a mom after all.) but i feel like i should be planning some elaborate over the top event to make my child feel special and loved and well adjusted in life. and then i realize when he says all he wants to do for his birthday is "ride the train and eat spaghetti" that really, it can be that simple.

oh, and also, "sniff markers at the children's museum."

also, i'm thankful for a sister with 3 kids who happened to already be coming to my house this week because 3 cousins is a built in party waiting to happen that doesn't require actually sending invitations or stuffing goody bags full of cheap trinkets that fall apart in the car on the way home which don't get cleaned out for like the next year. (or maybe that's just me.)

so bennett had a fish party with his cousins. and he loved it. and they loved it. (i think. maybe it was the sugar, but whatever.)

and then on his actual birthday... we rode the train! the train, of course, is the phoenix light rail. and for a couple bucks, what a thrill...

so my happy little guy is now 3 and is quite confident he can conquer the whole world. and i pray he does. that God gives him a special part of this world that he can lead and love and serve.

"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him." 1 Corinthians 2:9

happy birthday, bennett. you bring so much joy to our lives.


debby94 said...

Happy Birthday Bennett!

Megan O. said...

I'm so happy to hear about your low-key birthday. Alexis' birthday is today and you know what we're doing? Eating ice cream (that I'm getting free with a gift-certificate) at the park and throwing water balloons. I'm so glad she can't remember her 1st or 2nd bdays--they were MUCH more elaborate. #3 will be lucky if we even remember to acknowledge his bday at this point! :)