Sunday, June 21, 2009

one cool dad

how old is daddy?
ella: 38
bennett: 3

how tall is daddy?
ella: 4 feet
bennett: big

what is daddy's favorite thing to eat?
ella: salad
bennett: gummy worms

what is daddy's favorite thing to do?
ella: golf
bennett: the office

what does daddy do for a job?
ella: makes the money
bennett: church

who does daddy love the most?
ella: don (who happens to be taking daddy golfing right now) and jeff and curt
bennett: bennett!

what makes daddy happy?
ella: when i do nice things to my brother
bennett: taking naps

what makes daddy sad?
ella: when i don't listen
bennett: cleaning the bathrooms

where does daddy like to go?
ella: to the children's museum
bennett: walmart

what is daddy's favorite thing to do with you?
ella: go to the park
bennett: throw me on the bed

what is daddy really good at?
ella: golfing, because he got a trophy one time
bennett: cutting my hair

what is he not so good at?
ella: listening
bennett: doing laundry

what is daddy's middle name?
ella: mathew
bennett: mason

what makes him a daddy?
ella: because he is so nice
bennett: because God made him

what is something daddy always says to you?
ella: that he loves me and i'm beautiful
bennett: go pee-pee

what does daddy do when you aren't around?
ella: he gets into my stuff
bennett: goes swimming

what does daddy like most about mommy?
ella: when she talks funny
bennett: ummm.... i don't know

what makes you proud of your daddy?
ella: when he saves us when we are close to getting hurt
bennett: because

we love you, daddy. happy father's day!


Rachael Schepemaker said...

So cute! I love that your kids can easily answer the questions. What a great way to capture their youth and their love for their daddy. See you soon!

angie said...

Happy Father's Day, Uncle Tony and stop getting into Ella's stuff!!