Thursday, June 4, 2009

weekly random tidbits: all aboard!

  1. mason got his first haircut this week. it was getting a little long and white-trashy looking. it was time. these moments are in the "must" category of pictures. however, our child needed to be restrained by both of us while daddy cut. he was ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE. happy as can be, but not about to sit still. trying to bounce on the counter, get his hands all over the scissors, crawl into the sink... maybe i can do a fake picture soon to take the place of the one i should have got. i'll give him a valium and reenact it for pretends.
  2. ella has been going to vacation bible school this week. first day, after dropping her off, i suddenly couldn't get bennett to stop talking. it was like he has been waiting for this moment. he'd saved up everything he wanted to say for when ella was gone. he immediately turned our minivan into a train, named it thomas, and started telling me the rules like "if there is something you want, you can't go over there. you have stay on the track." and "mom. there is NO smoking on the train." right. let me put out my cigarette real quick.
  3. ella doesn't like to talk to people. she doesn't seem to feel the need. she's shy, but not sad and lonely or anything. so, anyhow, i encourage her (by bribing her with pennies) to make friends at VBS. yesterday i said, "ella, why don't you talk to some kids and make some friends." "well, mom. i don't really want to. they all look real happy. don't think they need any friends." how can you argue with this logic? back to pennies...
  4. FINALLY. the first tooth. its been on its way for like a month. drool, fussiness. it was awesome. only like 15 more teeth to go.
  5. and i'm struggling with a serious hair jealousy issue. i mean, if this were your daughter, how could you not?

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Mama Kat said...

That's not my my daughter and even I have hair jealousy. Don't you dare cut it!

Little man looks adorable too...I just love those moments where I get rare one on one time with one of my kids. I always learn something new about them. :)