Saturday, January 24, 2009


i just might look back and laugh at the following: (read at your own risk)

1. mason pooped all over me.

2. bennett's diaper leaked and he pooped all over ella's bed.

3. my husband hasn't had a day off since Christmas. (and yes, i'm counting weekends)

4. ella hit me after her spanking today. her strong will, defiance and extreme temper-tantrum (or possibly mental breakdown) resulted in the loss of her play kitchen, her cd player, her doll bed, her dolls, her markers... i'm trying to find what works. so far, no luck.

5. while battling my daughter's will, i told her, "honey, you are not going to win." she looked me squarely in the eye and said with a frightening amount of assurance, "oh yes i will." clearly, she doesn't know who she is messing with.

6. my 4 1/2 months without a good night of sleep can be added to total a cumulative almost 2 years of waiting for my children to sleep through the night. there is no anti-wrinkle cream that can reverse the aging i have experienced the last 4 years.


lisam said...
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lisam said...

Yuck, why do the pooping episodes ALWAYS come on the worst days?? Not that any days is the right day! Hang in there! I wonder if our moms thought it was funny when we constantly fought? They sure do now!

Charlotte said...

Oh Stephanie,

I am impressed, girl ... that knee-deep in poop and vomit and tantrums and sleeplessness, you are still able to look into the future and see the someday and hang on to your wits in the moment. You are probably right. But kudos for you for sticking with it in the now!!! LOVE AND BIG HUGS MOMMA EXTRAORDINAIRE!

debby94 said...

Thanks for the laugh Stephanie. The glorious life of a mom!!