Wednesday, January 7, 2009

backwards day

yesterday was backwards day. we dressed backwards, ate pasta for breakfast and french toast for dinner. we built upside down lego towers and read books from end to beginning. yeah, watch out... we are wild and crazy around here.

it was my attempt at preserving sanity. i had to come up with some creative way to make it through the day. the last couple of weeks have been what some might refer to as mom torture. so maybe it is a slightly extreme title, but then again....

anthony has been working some 14 to 21 hour days, 7 days a week. he is usually home after we are in bed and out of the house before we wake up (and you know that must be early!) the other night i heard him come in at 10:30 and i said, "oh, home so soon?" to which he laughed and said, "unfortunately, i still have to head back tonight." the poor man is going to end up dead. and then seriously, i won't be far behind.

of course he doesn't usually have to work hours like this. its very unique and hopefully temporary. and it has given me a greater appreciation for him and all he does around here. and while its safe to say that these are not my most effective days of parenting, i am grateful that my husband has a job, and such an important one at that.

among other things, i really miss adult conversation. here are some samplings of what we talk about around here during the day:

ella: why do we always have to say excuse me?
me: what do you mean? when do we say excuse me?
ella: like when we toot. why do we always have to say excuse me?
me: because its polite.
ella: oh.
ella thinks for awhile.
: do we need to say excuse me when other people are over at our house and we toot?
me: yes, that would be polite.
ella: sometimes i toot in the bathroom. do i need to say excuse me then?
me: umm... no...
ella: what if the people who come over to our house are in the bathroom with me and i toot? do i need to say excuse me then?
me: umm.... well, i think we'd have a whole other set of problems if that were the case.

me: bennett, don't throw dominoes at the tv
bennett: why? (his favorite phrase)
me (slightly exasperated because shouldn't this be obvious?): because it will break
bennett: why?
me (even more exasperated): if it breaks, you won't be able to watch curious george or any movies ever again.
bennett: daddy get new tv.
me: no, daddy won't get a new tv. we don't have the money for a new tv.
bennett (quiet for awhile as this sinks in) says real softly: oh.
then, as tears start to form in his eyes: watch curious george....
i realized the "scare" tactic may have backfired as i then sat for quite some time consoling my 2 year old over a tv that isn't even broken.

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