Wednesday, January 14, 2009

dress up

last night, ella wanted to play "dress up and show." which means, dress up and put on a show of dancing/jumping on the bed to "bingo" and other annoying children's songs. (when she said "dress up" anthony heard "sweat shop." now there's an idea... we've never played that one before but the play room is disaster so maybe we'll try it out today.)

ella was concerned and said, "mommy, don't you have anything you can dress up in?" oh yes i do! we went to my closet and i got out my wedding dress. funny thing, though... it appears my ribcage has expanded in the past 8 years because it wouldn't zip up. hmmm... at least i got an idea of what i would have looked like had i walked down the aisle already with child.

moral of the story: don't try on your wedding dress after just having your 3rd baby. its not good for your self-image.


debby94 said...

That reminds me of a post I want to do. I have a picture of Levi wiping the kitchen floor after Alyssa spilled water. Sweat shop sounds good to me!!

Charlotte said...

Oh Stephanie, you crack me up girl! We ALL have those moments; thanks for being willing to share yours. And I can assure you (having seen some of your more recent family photos), you are lovely as ever, my friend!

Megan O. said...

Hey Steph!
Just found your blog through facebook. I love the way you write, you have me cracking up. Seriously I feel like I could just copy and paste your experiences, they sound so familiar.