Wednesday, January 28, 2009

my husband, my hero

reason # 256 that i love anthony: he cleans up after the kids when they have the stomach flu.

i can't do it. i can't even fake it. i can't pretend like i'm even offering to do it. i just let him take the lead. thank you, Lord, that vomit only happens when daddy is home.

late, LATE last night, after getting bennett safely tucked into bed on old sheets on our floor and explaining AGAIN why there is a big empty bowl next to his head, anthony said, "good thing this happened at night." (meaning, while he was here.) "yeah," i said. "because if not, i would have taken all the kids in the backyard and waited for you to come home." i wasn't joking.

at least bennett is cute a sick kid. after one of his little "episodes" last night, he calls to us saying, "i spilled some." poor thing. and only a couple minutes later he was smiling at us. well, i mean, he was smiling at me. anthony was in the laundry room rinsing out the clothing...

i love you, honey.

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