Thursday, April 8, 2010

we sure miss daddy

only ONE more day until we see daddy again!

and we all miss him.

(especially me at 1 am and then like 3 am when that baby of his is screaming his inconsolable head off and then again at 5:30 am when 3 year-old fingers tap my arm and a sweet little voice says, "look, mommy, there's some light outside. we can get up now." ok, don't speak to me or ever touch me again while i'm sleeping. i love you but i want to be unconscious for at least 4 more minutes.)

not that we haven't had a ton of fun at grammy and poppas...

its really great to be here.

fun memories, visiting with great friends, crafts, painting, planting flowers...
(wait a minute... who gave the holy terror the sharp gardening tool?)
and then, the other night, we had our minor serious accident.

bennett fell off the stool and sliced his chin open pretty good.

its always horrible to see your child in pain and listen to him sob.

and its especially annoying when the "other" child decides he absolutely will not share you with the child who actually needs attention.

because when i am holding and loving on anyone else at all, it must mean mason's world is about to end.
notice in this picture how bennett has calmed down and is patiently waiting for the bleeding to stop and the first aid to commence.

all the while mason is screaming his head off. my mom, rendered useless because mason wants no one else in the entire world (except for daddy who is in another state) and clings to me and cries, might as well take a picture so i can prove i'm not lying.

seriously, child.

also notice ella. being the caring compassionate big sister she is, she ran back and forth from the craft room for new creations to soothe bennett.

i mean, who wouldn't feel better after seeing a piece of rolled paper with green lace taped to it?

the cut was a bit frightening to look at. but apart from loss of consciousness or portruding bone, there was no way this child was going back to the same notorious ER that charged us 14 HUNDRED dollars to retrieve a raisin carefully placed in his nostril.

stitches would involve antiseptic, needles, shots, threadish type stuff, bandages... can you even imagine how much that would cost? we wouldn't be able to eat for the rest of the year once we got that bill.

wow. somebody outta do something about health care in this country.


(and of course i don't really mean that...)

so anyhow, nothing accessorizes a cool easter outfit like a spiderman band aid.


Shires Family said...

Haha. This is awesome! Your mom told me this story today when I stopped in to visit her and all I could think was, "why hasn't Stephanie blogged about this?!". Good story...sorry about the screaming and non sleeping part tho! :(

Heather said...

The funniest part of the whole story is that I was imagining you getting your mom to take the picture for the sake of the blog, amidst the blood and sweat and tears...

You win the Blogger Mom of the Year award in my book, Stephanie! I love it!

And who wouldn't want a Spiderman bandaid for Easter? Duh.