Wednesday, April 7, 2010


remember back last week when i was complaining on my blog?
oh what, i need to be more specific?

well, my brother is getting married in 3 days and i had high hopes of having the most adorable, carefully coordinated children on the planet.

it was bordering on becoming an obsession.

so then i complained mentioned about how i found these great outfits for the boys and a beautiful dress for ella but they didn't really blend with each other. (black and white polka dots vs. blue and khaki)

so, let me just tell you about one of the most amazing friends i have.

good ol' erin sends me this email (i would say totally unsolicited but she did read my blog so i guess that isn't entirely true) offering to let me borrow this absolutely beautiful dress for ella.seriously, who wouldn't feel like a princess in this? (or a ballerina, or a... uh... a whatever it is she's doing...) and at first i felt really bad at the notion of borrowing a dress from someone else, who still has a younger daughter that will wear this someday. and its beautiful and fancy and my 5 year old just might have ketchup and for sure candy at the wedding and what if it gets dirty...
and erin was super gracious and assures me she really isn't worried and emphasized dresses are to be worn and enjoyed and it doesn't matter if anything happens to it.and then i'm thinking, now i'll have to get new shoes and a sweater cause the black ones i have for her don't go with brown and now i'll have to figure out something beside the black headband i had planned for her hair...

but the dress is gorgeous and worth a little more stressful shopping.

so i go pick it up...

and its hanging complete with sweater, shoes, and hair clip.

she went above and beyond.

i want to be a friend like that... thoughtful, selfless, and generous. thanks, erin.
and if you haven't noticed, i totally love my kids. and these particular clothes. i mean, how can i pick just one picture today?

and lucky for you, they are wearing them again for the wedding so there will be even more pictures.

i know, i know... you can hardly wait.
yep, that's mason getting jelly beans so he'll sit still and smile and not yank his hat off his head.
works like a charm...


Stef said...

Seriously?! They are so dang cute. Forget the dress. Just plop them in any picture and it will turn out cute!!
What a great friend. Everyone needs one of those.

Vicki said...

They all look so beautiful! Love the dress... What a great friend.

Rachael Schepemaker said...

You must be speaking of the most generous, most gracious Erin Long. She is wonderful! And your kiddos would look cute no matter what they wore but they sure are precious all dressed up :-)

Heather said...

They will be the most gorgeousest kids there (and yes, that is now a word).

What a wonderful friend!

Do you honestly think Mason will keep that hat on for longer than two seconds? Or are you planning on bribing him with jelly beans all night? Good luck with that :)

Seriously, your babies are beautiful.

debby94 said...

They are soooooo adorable Stephanie!