Monday, April 26, 2010

some weekend tidbits

we went to the beach friday night. used a gift card for a fun dinner at a nice restaurant but decided if a place has linen napkins and soft music playing, we'll go ahead and pass from now until mason is 10. or can at least be sedated.

after dinner, we walked down the boardwalk and out on the pier. (i could then add here that it was pretty chilly, even with our jackets and we had to get hot chocolate to warm up but that would probably make my phoenix friends hate me. so i'll just keep that part to myself.)

saturday, we did some gardening.

("we" meaning anthony, of course. with "help" from the kids.)

he got all creative and did some awesome designer planters made from our old mahogany bed that was broken beyond repair in our resourceful that man is.

every day is earth day around here.
(please disregard any mounds of disposable diapers you might see.)

sunday we celebrated with birthday boy papa:great memories with family,
fun times with cousins,

lots of good food,and absolutely no naps.
and not to worry, aunt dede. mason doesn't speak for all of us...we sure love you!


Stef said...

Yes, we avoid restaurants like the plague around here. My kids' friends parents can take them out one at a time if they like. And we take them out for their birthdays, but...yeah...we understand one another.
I love family get togethers. Always fun, always memorable, and the next one is never soon enough!

Heather said...

Love the pics!

We, too, avoided "sit-down" restaurants for years if Gabe was along. Now that he's five, it's a LITTLE bit better.

Good luck with that one. Something about those third babies, I swear. It's a good thing they're so cute!