Thursday, February 11, 2010

valentines day

my hubby and i... we don't exchange valentine gifts.

i think the day is a little on the cheesy side. like if anthony were to come home with roses i think, "oh, did hallmark tell you to get those for me."

not that i don't like roses, mind you. but specifically on valentine's day? really?

and its not that i don't like diamonds. but, there are still children starving in this world, right?

maybe its just that everyday is valentine's day for us. our favorite thing to do is kiss and cuddle and gaze into each others eyes for hours. and hours.
(note: i do not speak for all women. and if you are actually a guy reading my blog (could that even be possible?), this does not get you off the hook. these things may be important to your wife. oh, and also, this is not some subtle hint i'm trying to make to say that i really do hope anthony will get me flowers. it really isn't necessary. i mean it. really.)

(although, if he happened to find some awesome antique, possibly red, distressed-type wooden cabinet for the empty wall in our kitchen and gifted me with it on valentine's day, i probably wouldn't throw it out.)

so all that to say, i think valentine's day is super fun for the kids. although i don't want them to get hung up on the "romantic" emphasis of the day.

i sense, however, i may already have some troubles there... seeing how bennett was caught kissing one of our friends daughters. to protect her identity and precious innocence, she shall remain nameless.

(i may or may not mention here that she didn't push him away, though. and she's strikingly beautiful, in a fantastically 4 year-old way. yeah, that's right. she's a whole year older than him. funny how i can laugh at this fact since i'm the mother of the boy. i'm certain her mother won't think the above observation is all that funny. is this a typical sexist double standard? why, yes, i believe it is... but even as the boys mom, it is still slightly horrifying and i am certain he won't ever kiss another girl again until his wedding day.)

so, valentine's day is full of fun and candy. ella had her preschool party today.

before picture:
(notice her contribution to the valentine party is paper plates. yep. the advantage of signing up first. like i'd really want to bring 15 cupcakes all decorated with valentine-y joy.)

after pictures:
she brought home some good loot. and thank you to the preschool class of 2010 for the misc. cards and notes that will now clutter my kitchen table on a daily basis as ella constantly reads and re-reads her valentines. (as well as for the m&m's mommy had to confiscate.)

and, it was also package day. and while i'm super grateful for the new gift theme of clean teeth:
and other goodies, i'm wondering why the sudden absence of chocolate from grammy and poppa's valentine gift?

its not like my kids were the ones to eat it anyway...


Rachael Schepemaker said...

So I guess i will break the news to Taylor that the love of her life has moved on to bigger and better. Maybe Bennett will fall back into "like" with Taylor one of these days.

Heather said...

What a sweeet post :)

You gaze for hours into each other's eyes? That's even sweeter (even if it's a stretch of the truth).

(I signed up to bring plates and napkins to Gabe's party, too!)

Joanna said...

THat after picture of Ella is really sweet. And I hope to see a picture post of an antique red distressed cabinet. That just sounds cool.

Jennifer said...

Sweet post! The kids look so cute!
Hope you got your cabinet!!