Saturday, February 27, 2010

saturday morning

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while all of you were relaxing at home, sleeping in, enjoying your coffee on this cozy rainy day...

guess where i was?
try not to be too jealous.

this whole soccer playing "rain or shine" business is ridiculous.
especially when you are crabby like me because some little man decided he'd rather not sleep last night. for hours, thankyouverymuch. and maybe coffee would have helped this morning if it weren't for the fact i was too busy cutting up orange slices for half-time snack.

(seriously, half time snack? isn't this a little out of hand, soccer moms? didn't they just eat breakfast like 5 minutes ago? isn't it enough to bring snacks for the end of the game?)

sensing i was a tad bit irritable today, anthony tries to cheer me up: "this will be great! what fun memories! it will make for great pictures!"
whatever, optimist who needs little sleep.

and then bennett says to me, "mommy, can i take my shoes off. my feet are so wet."hmmm... wonder why?


Rachael Schepemaker said...

Oh how I miss you and your sense of humor. Let's connect this week. I tried to call you back this past week. Love you!

Megan O. said...

I wish I was as good at coming up with great, witty comments like you are. Just know you make me smile!

debby94 said...

Hopefully you got to go home & take a nap after the soccer game! Playing soccer in the rain is a bit ridiculous!

Susie said...

Stephanie- Thanks for stopping by my little ole' blog. I am a friend of Aubrey's (which I may have told you once before but like you I have a 2 year old sleep deprivation issue named Abby so the other portion of my brain cells that I didn't lose during child birth are now gone too. :) Anyway, your blog is one of my very favorites and I forgot to follow you so Thanks for dropping by and reminding me you are out there. You always crack me up and of course this soccer post...I'm with ya on the snack thing sister. Seriously! Did I see a giveaway?...hmmm....on my way if it's still on.