Monday, February 1, 2010

girls weekend

sorry to disappoint you aspiring soccer moms out there, but i have no profound soccer observations to share with you this week.

the reason being: we ditched our soccer games so ella and i could head out for a splendid girls weekend. it was ella's first time (that she remembers) on an airplane. believe it or not, there are still actually airports in this country where you board the plane outside. (well, there are probably many airports that do this, but i really don't get out much so it seems a lovely little retro novelty to me)ella was super excited when she found out about refreshments on the plane. "what!?! we get snacks?!?" and, if you remember this, you know why she raised her eyebrows and stifled her giggle at the inappropriate notion of having peanuts on the airplane. our time at my parents mostly consisted of getting "sugared out" (in the words of my precious niece). with such things like unending refills of whipped cream on top of hot chocolate. (hot chocolate clearly optional)and there was the fun of authentic doctor-playing equipment. it really is cool to have a nurse for a grammy. and truthfully, girls weekend for me consisted of good times with my 2 best friends, my sister and my mom. drinking lattes, eating sugar and doing pretty much nothing it all.

it was totally awesome.

(this post brought to you in part by southwest airlines. please, please, please, swa, have your sweet discounts again soon. thank you.)

info on boys weekend coming tomorrow-ish.


debby94 said...

Sounds like fun! Great minds must think alike, because my mom, Alyssa and I had a girls weekend in Tucson.

Rachael Schepemaker said...

What? I thought I was one of your best friends ;-) So glad you had a good time. Still miss you though!

Katie said...

How awesome to have a weekend like that- even if it's once in 10 years or so!! ;) I just LOVE the photo of Ella with that grin about the peanut. That one is great!!