Monday, February 8, 2010

super party

"i just can't wait for heaven and for the superbowl!"

we get excited for an assortment of things around here.

like my 5 year-old and her anticipation of the big game.

i mean, me? not so much. every since kurt warner retired, i can officially go back to not caring whatsoever about football.

+ retirement =

sad times, sad times...

(or, mason might possibly be crying because i won't let him eat toothpaste.)

so anyhow, ever since anthony entered some random online verizon superbow
l party contest, the excitement around here has been building.


because he won.

which is awesome. because that means we got plastic footballs, microwave popcorn, pom-pom's, drink coolers for our... sippy cups, and....... a flip video camera. oh yeah. how awesome is that?

now we can record hours and hours of all the completely fascinating things our kids do.

thanks verizon.

so, for some observations on the big game:

bennett, while watching kick off and such: "so, when are we going to start? are we just going to move the ottoman and play right here?" apparently, he never thought he'd actually have to sit and watch all the hours of "excitement" on tv. he wanted to participate.
this sorta stressed ella out. "guys! you are missing out on all the fun-ness on tv."

yeah, all that "fun-ness" is really not so much family friendly tv. thanks to scary r rated movie previews and advertisements from such companies as "go daddy." and actually, "daddy"... i don't even know what it is your company does. but i'm guessing it has something to do with fornication.

just saying...

all a superbowl party really needs is good food.
don't worry ella, heaven will be way more fun.



Rachael Schepemaker said...

Seriously, you guys won! That is so awesome. And yes, heaven will be much, MUCH better than any football game.

Megan O. said...

That's so awesome about the camera!! And I agree--Superbowl parties are really all about the food.

debby94 said...

So cool!!!!!

debby94 said...

So cool!!!!!

Joanna said...

That's so cool that you guys won - we have a flip camera and it's really neat/easy to use. What luck Anthony has!

Katie said...

I don't know-- we're huge Saints fans here and we think we're in Heaven already with our first trip to the Super Bowl and a victory, too! ;)

Yeah, I felt the same re. the commercials. If I saw one more stupid beer or Doritos commercial, I thought I'd scream. And Big Daddy is an internet search engine and a company that sells website domains and web hosting services. Couldn't you tell that from the bimbos stripping their clothes off? Disgusting.

My favorite commercial was for the Audi car-- "The Green Police". Did you see that one?

Cool winning the contest, too. I've always wondered if anyone ever won those b/c we surely haven't! ;)