Tuesday, February 9, 2010


bennett has become quite handy around here.

clogged drain: "mom, i can fix it. you don't even have to ask daddy. i'll save the day."so he got to work.

and sure enough...

only about 3 hours later, the sink was totally drained.

he also really, really enjoys washing dishes these days. he's so helpful. just trying to make my job easier.

this brings back a very vivid memory from my childhood.

my sister and i had just enjoyed a bowl of pudding.

or cereal.

(can't remember which. guess the memory isn't that vivid.)

and then one of us had a brilliant idea.
"i know! why don't we just lick our bowls clean so mom won't have to wash them?"

makes perfect sense. why hadn't we thought of this before? seeing our mom slave over our dishes all the time. let's save her some trouble.

so we meticulously licked our bowls completely clean.

"lets not tell her so it will be a special surprise." yeah, real special.

i then remember dragging the chair over to the counter so we could climb up and "secretly" put our bowls away so she'd never know. for some reason, we knew enough to put the bowls on the bottom of the stack. you know, so it'd be less obvious.

we were so thoughtful.

we were a family of 5. and we had like 12 bowls up there. the ones on the bottom only got used if we had company.

so basically, if you happened to come over to our house for dinner sometime in the mid 80's-ish...

i'm really sorry.

we meant well.
bennett can't reach the cabinets yet.

at least... i don't think he can.


angie said...

I totally forgot about that!

And I think maybe you should consider investing in a stool.

Heather said...

Did you ever tell your mom? That is hilarious!

Those pictures are precious; what a great little helper. Gabe is still usually more interested in helping to MAKE the mess, but Isabel does more than her fair share, for certain.

debby94 said...

So that's where those germs came from! Ha! That's too funny!