Monday, March 2, 2009

things i am currently fighting:

1. a cold.
2. a strong-willed, whining 4 year-old with a cold.
3. my eyelids... drooping very low as i try very hard to focus on candyland and queen frostine...
4. an obstacle course of clean laundry piles in my family room silently screaming "fold me! put me away! so i can get dirty again and we can repeat this cycle in a few days!"

5. a 5 month old with possibly a cold. or teething. or just plain fussy.
6. crunchy cheerios underfoot and the need to vacuum.
7. a very stinky diaper pail and the sheer exhaustion (and laziness) preventing me from changing it.
8. chocolate cravings.

in light of #'s 1-7, i have decided to hold off on battling #8 until some other day. and really, its less of a craving and more of an addiction.

when faced with certain scenarios throughout the day, i often find my solace in chocolate.

ella isn't feeling well and everything, EVERYTHING, is causing some serious tears... have some m&m's.

the dishes never seem to go away and the dishwasher is always full, often with clean dishes, which is actually worse because now i have one more "immediate" task... maybe after some left-over chocolate valentine hearts.

i desperately need a nap and its only 9:30... didn't i buy some easter candy and hide it in one of these cupboards?

bennett refuses to eat anything but yogurt for lunch and has taken to crying hysterically on the kitchen floor...
i swear we have some left-over reese's from around christmas.

ella is ready to "get up" from her nap that she didn't take and will stand at her door and whine until i let her out or threaten her. a battle i just don't feel up to today... i think its time to make some brownies.

mason is already up from his nap? its only been 20 minutes... brownies should be done soon.

fussy baby time prevents me from making dinner, cleaning up, playing with my kids, or even going to the bathroom... i know there is chocolate chip cookie dough somewhere in this freezer.

ahh... chocolate.

its like mommy crack.

and i am hooked.

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debby94 said...

This describes me perfectly! How did you know??